Ree Dahee Shrine: Timing Is Critical

Ree Dahee Shrine: Timing Is Critical

The shrine is located at the canyon between the two Dueling Peaks in West Necluda. Inside the canyon, the shrine sits atop a ridge on the North side of the river.

To begin the shrine, step and remain on the switch directly in front of you, this will allow an orb to reach its recess and activate a moving platform. Proceed onto the moving platform, where you will be taken to the next challenge.

On the second challenge, unlike the first, you will have to properly time when you step off of the switch. When you step of the switch, an orb will begin to roll down the top platform. Step off of the switch once the orb is approximately a fourth of the distance of the top platform from the edge. Proceed to the moving platform that activates after the orb reaches its’ recess.

The third challenge, alike the second, will require you to properly time the movement of the platforms. However, this specific challenge will test your ability to gauge the speed and momentum of the orb. Stepping on the switch will rotate the platform with the orb. When the orb is approximately a sixth of the distance of the platform from the edge, step off of the switch. This will allow the orb to successfully roll off of the platform and reach the recess.

Treasure: Climber’s Bandana

 Before completing the shrine, you will notice two metallic barrels near the last recess of the shrine. Using Magnesis, capture one of the barrels and place it on the switch that rotated the platform for the final challenge. This will allow you to navigate to a treasure chest containing the climber’s bandana.

 Note: You can also use Stasis on the switch if you time the Stasis to occur right as the moving platform is leaving.
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