Mah Eliya Shrine: Secret Stairway

Reaching the Shrine

To reach this shrine, you must complete the task of “chasing the rings of a waterfall”. To begin this task, head over to the base of Mikau Lake immediately East of the Zora’s Domain. Equip your Zora tunic, and head through the glowing blue ring at the base of the waterfall. Immediately after enter through the ring, another ring will appear on the waterfall, and you will have to swim up the waterfall to reach it. Continue to make you way through the rings that appear one after the other. Once you complete this task, the shrine will appear at the top of the waterfall feeding Lulu Lake.


Completing the Shrine

When you first enter the shrine, you will find two climbable metallic blocks with a waterfall behind it and a pool beneath. This shrine will require you to use both Cryonis and Magnesis.

  1. Begin by placing a Cryonis block underneath the left metallic block, which will raise it up and allow you to reach the left platform.
  2. Climb up to the left platform and use Magnesis to acquire a third, but smaller climbable metallic block.
  3. Send the newly acquired metallic block down to the first level.
  4. Using Magnesis, place the metallic block underneath the left larger metallic block and use it to raise the block.
  5. Sandwich the smaller metallic block between the previously used Cryonis block and larger metallic block.
  6. Then create a new Cryonis block underneath the raised larger metallic block.
  7. Now, place your third Cryonis block directly underneath the right metallic block.
  8. Use Magnesis to grab and position the smaller metallic block underneath this newly raised larger metallic block.
  9. Start to raise the larger right metallic block by raising the smaller metallic block with Magnesis.
  10. Sandwich the smaller metallic block between the two larger metallic blocks.

Climb up the metallic blocks to reach the platform on the right where Mah Eliya is located.

Optional Treasure


Royal Shield: There is another platform on the left high above the lower platform. There you will notice a chest. To reach it, reverse the staircase that you made with the metallic blocks. To do this, place a Cryonis block underneath the right larger metallic block. Then, with Magnesis, grab the smaller metallic block and use it to raise up the left larger metallic block. This will in essence replicate the staircase you made to reach Mah Eliya but in reverse. Climb to the top of this staircase and use Magnesis to grab the chest. 

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