Kihiro Moh Shrine: Inside the Box

Reaching the Shrine

To reach this shrine, you will need to “Throw the Orb underground”. Start by teleporting to the Gerudo Tower. Then head over to the pit where Yiga Clan Master Khoga fell down. Once there, head back into in the Yiga Clan hideout. Equip your Stealth set, and head into the large storage room.

Be careful for as there are several Yiga Blademasters walking about.

  1. Make your way towards the tall ladder that leads towards the second story of the storage room.
  2. Once up top, there is a small room where several bananas are located and a glowing orb. Pick up the orb, climb through the window, and walk across the planks until you are directly above the pathway you entered the room from.
  3. Wait for the Blademasters to turn away and drop down to ground level. Then, head back to the pit where Master Khoga fell.
  4. Toss the orb into the pit, and the shrine will appear on the other side of the arena.


Completing the Shrine

When you first enter the shrine, you will see a terminal directly in front of you. The goal of this challenge is to look inside of the box you can manipulate with your motion controls and determine how much balls of each color are inside. On either side of the room, you will see colored orbs and several recesses with torches nearby. The glowing orb corresponds to the color of the orb, and the number of torches corresponds to the number of orbs of that color. The number of orbs of each color are…

  • 4 Blue orbs
  • 1 Red orb
  • 2 Yellow orbs
  • 2 Green orbs

Once you place the orbs into the correct corresponding locations, the gate to Kihiro Moh will open.

Additional Treasure

Before you proceed to Kihiro Moh, turn right to see a place to guess how many metallic orbs are inside of the box. Look directly at the box of orbs, and position it so that the cap is facing down. Then, using Magnesis, open the cap and allow all of the orbs to come out. Place one of the metallic orbs inside of the recess with three torches. This will then open a room with a chest containing a Thunderspear.

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