Keive Tala Shrine: Big or Small

Reaching the Shrine

To reach this shrine, you will need to “Fight the brute of sand”. So start by heading to Gerudo Town, and look for a guard out in front of the palace entrance. She will talk about a Molduga spotted in the East Barrens. So head on over to the Southern part of the East Barrens (Southeast of Gerudo Town).

Once you reach the Southern parts of the East Barrens, you will encounter a Molduking. Fortunately, a Molduking fight is not so much different from a typical Molduga fight. Using Remote Bombs, bait the Molduking towards you. If the Molduking consumes the Remote Bomb, it will stun him. Be sure to utilize thunder weapons to deal maximum damage to the Molduking. Once the Molduking is defeated, the shrine will appear in the Southeastern corner of the East Barrens.


Completing the Shrine

When you first enter the shrine, you will see a long pool of water (to your left) with a series of metallic objects scattered about the room (to your right). At the start of the pool, you will see an electric terminal that is dumping raw electric energy into the pool. Use Magnesis to move each of the metallic blocks to avoid being electrocuted.

  1. Start by looking for a small metallic block and placing it in the pool of water between the dumped electricity at the start of the pool and the small metallic ball that is connected to the start of the electric line running about the room.
  2. Now, grab another small metallic block and place it next to the orange switch down the electric line. The orange switch will make the platform to the right of it move up and down. Wait for the platform to reach its highest point, and remove the small metallic block. Now, place that orange block on top of the platform to create continuity on the electrical line.
  3. Moving down the electrical line, you will see a large metallic ball on a chain. Using Magnesis, lift the ball and with the chain, hang the ball on the post sticking out from the wall. This will continue the continuity of the electrical line.
  4. For the final break in the electrical line, use Cryonis to create an elevated platform between the post sticking out of the wall and the point where the electrical line continues. Behind you, you should see a large metallic block. With Magnesis, place the metallic block on top of the Cryonis block, and this will complete the electrical line and open your path to Keive Tala.

Additional Treasure

Before you complete the shrine, head for the terminal immediately left of the pathway that leads to Keive Tala. You will need to use the strike each of the four switches with a beam that you can manipulate with your motion controls. There will be four moving platforms that you must stop in a particular location to create continuity on the electrical line. Once you get each of the four platforms positioned correctly, a gate will open immediately right of the terminal that leads to a room with a chest containing a Radiant Shield.

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