Kee Dafunia Shrine: The Melting Point

Reaching the Shrine

To reach this shrine, you will first need to head to a small campfire that is located on the cliff immediately West of Knuckel Island. This region is East of the Zora’s Domain and directly East of Ulria Grotto on the outskirts of the Lanayru region. You are essentially heading towards the Eastern edge of Hyrule.

Speak with the Zora wandering around near the campfire, they will give you the one and only clue in reaching this shrine. To reach the shrine, you must figure out the riddle: “When the morning sun is newly born, follow the path of light to the trial.”

First, sit by the campfire and wait until morning. Once it is morning, look East to see where the sun rises. Jump off of the cliff and glide into the ocean towards the rising sun, you should see a glowing blue ring like that you saw when attempting to reach the Mah Eliya shrine. Reach that ring and the shrine will appear.


Completing the Shrine

When you first enter the shrine, you will see a frozen pathway with a wall of two large ice blocks in front of you. As you descend down the stairs, pick up a torch and light it up with the nearby flames. Proceed across the pathway and melt the two large ice blocks to reach the next room.

When you enter this room, you will notice a series of ice blocks stacked up on an elevated platform and some pressure plates. Step on either of the pressure plates to release two more ice blocks near the large elevated platform. Your goal is to get up to the top of that platform.

To reach the top of this platform, you will need to make a staircase out of the ice blocks that you released from the pressure plates and on the elevated platform. To do this, light up your torch and begin to melt the ice blocks on the ground starting with the outermost one. Melt each block until you are able to jump on top of each block without losing your flame. </span

Be careful to work fast because your torch will continue to melt the ice block that you are standing on.

Continue this process with the ice blocks on the elevated platform. This process may take a few tries so be patient in your attempts.

Once you reach the top of the platform, there will be a lone ice block. Use your torch to melt the ice block as little as possible until you are able to carry it. Carry the ice block across the platform to a room with a pool of water in it. Your goal is to get the ice block to the wall at the very end of the room. This will allow you to reach Kee Dafunia. Once you get the ice block to the far wall of the pool room, use Cryonis to put an additional block underneath the ice block you just carried. Climb up the Cryonis block and the ice block to reach Kee Dafunia.

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