Kamia Omuna Shrine: Moving Targets

Reaching the Shrine

To reach this shrine, you will need to travel to the Northern banks of Lake Darman, which is Northwest of Death Mountain. When you reach the banks, head towards the lake to encounter an Igneo Talus.

Using the air gusts that arise when the Igneo Talus comes out of the lava, glide into the air and use ice arrows to chill it down. Immediately land on the Igneo Talus and begin to attack the ore deposit, dealing critical damage. Using an ice weapon or hammer type weapon will deal additional damage. As the Igneo Talus begins the shake, jump off. Rinse and repeat this process until the Igneo Talus falls. Once this occurs, the shrine will appear on the Northern banks.


Completing the Shrine

When you first enter the shrine, head left to reach a glowing switch and a channel where you can place a Remote Bomb inside. Your goal for this shrine is to hit each of the targets with a glowing orb that is inside of each channel.

  1. To do this, place a spherical Remote Bomb inside of the channel and hit the glowing switch. This will cause the platform holding the channel to rotate. You will need to time the movement of the channel to just a few seconds before pointing directly at the target to detonate the Remote Bomb. This will account for the time that it will take for the glowing orb to travel and strike the target.
  2. Once the target is hit, another target will appear. However, it will start to move in a vertical motion. Set yourself up again to fire the glowing orb, and wait for the target to lower itself to about the same height as the previous target. As before, strike the glowing switch and time your Remote Bomb detonation to strike the second target. Once the target is hit, the first gate blocking your path will open and allow you to reach the second challenge of this shrine.
  3. Before proceeding to the second challenge, position the platform so that the barrel of the channel is pointing to your right and is loaded with a Remote Bomb.
  4. Strike the glowing switch and then immediately detonate the Remote Bomb. This should allow the glowing orb to reach the top of a platform in the distance which will drop a small chest.
  5. Proceed down the long passageway on the right and use Magnesis to pick up and retrieve the small chest from the receptacle. Inside the small chest, you will find a diamond.

For the second challenge, you will need to interact with the machine terminal on the left.

  1. Position the structure so that the target is within your view, not at an angle, and positioned such that it lies within the moveable structure.
  2. Proceed to the glowing switch and place a Remote Bomb inside of the channel.
  3. Move the platform and strike the target with the glowing orb inside of the channel. Some adjustment of the structure may be required.
  4. As soon are you hit the target, the wall behind the moveable structure will drop, and another target will appear. Return to the machine terminal, and position the moveable structure so that the structure does not at all block your view of the target.
  5. Return to the glowing switch with the glowing orb, and hit the target.     
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