EX Thunderblight Ganon

Once you enter into the illusionary realm, you will have to relive your fight with Thunderblight Ganon, however you will be reduced to using only the following items…

  • Scimitar of the Seven
  • Edge of Duality
  • Daybreaker
  • Shield of the Mind’s Eye
  • Level 2 Desert Voe Set
  • Voltfruit, Zapshroom, Raw Meat

For this fight, conservation is key to victory, so utilization of your runes and accuracy with you items is paramount.

Phase I

During this phase, your best bet is to use the Edge of Duality. When Thunderblight Ganon performs his quick attack, time a dodge or parry attack to stun him. Then deal as much damage as possible with the Edge of Duality. Continue this tactic until Thunderblight Ganon reaches his second phase.

Phase II

  • Thunderblight Ganon will begin to drop metallic rods. Using Magnesis, position a metallic rod next to Thunderblight Ganon so that when he uses his thunderstrike attack, he will shock himself. This will stun him and provide you with an opportunity to deal critical damage with the Edge of Duality.
  • Once Thunderblight Ganon becomes electrified, avoid coming into contact with him. Eventually, his electricity will wear out, and you can perform a dodge or parry attack on him like you did in phase I.
  • Continue this tactic until you eventually defeat Thunderblight Ganon and complete Champion Urbosa’s Song.
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