EX The Divine Trial

The Fifth Divine Beast


Once you have completed all four of the Champion’s Songs, you will be granted your final challenge. Head back to the Shrine of Resurrection and place your Sheikah Slate on the Pedestal. This will activate an elevator that will lead you down into the last Divine Beast.

Alike previous Divine Beasts, you will be given a map that you allow you to manipulate the rotation of the Divine Beast. This specific Divine Beast is outfitted like the engine of a motorcycle, and your job is to get the apparatus to start working.


  1. The First Room
  2. The Second Room
  3. The Third Room
  4. The Fourth Room
  5. The Final Battle


The First Room

When you first descend down the elevator, five mini Guardians and a Guardian Scout will be directly in front of you. First, eliminate these guardians, using preferably ranged attacks. Once you defeated all of the Guardians in the central room, proceed to the middle of the central room to activate your Shiekah Slate, then return to the entrance, and face the central room as if you were entering the shrine. Then head to the platform on your left. Use Magnesis and look for a large key in the gearwork above you. Move that key with Magnesis into the keyhole on the wall to the left of the gearwork. Now the wall on the left will begin to spin and reveal an entrance to the first room.

When you first enter the room, look back at the rotating wall, and you will be able to reach a chest containing a Gerudo Scimitar. Now, you will need to activate the door at the far end of the room to reach the Guidance Stone.

  1. Start by moving your way to a walkway at the right side of the room. Ride the rotating metallic slabs up the room to reach this walkway.
  2. Look up at the top of the room for a metallic slab. Using Magnesis, pull the metallic slab out from the ceiling and place it in the slot at the bottom in the middle of the room.
  3. Now, use Magnesis to grab the metallic slabs rotating about the room and extend them. This will make the rotating part of the room catch the fixed metallic slab. In consequence, the entire room will begin to move, and your access to the Guidance Stone will be granted.


The Second Room

Return to the central room, and defeat all of the guardians that are inside. Then, proceed directly across the central room to a wheel spinning lava. Go to your Shiekah Slate, and ensure that the central room is rotating counter-clockwise. Jump onto one of the spinning fins and ascend to the platform above where the doorway to the second room lies.

Inside the room, there is a large shaft that you must traverse while it rotates. Before traveling across the shaft, go to your Shiekah Slate and change the rotation to clockwise.

Be careful to watch for the spikes as they outline a path that you must take along the shaft.

Once you reach the end of the shaft, you will see a switch. This switch will drop an orb from a platform high outside of your reach.

  1. To retrieve the orb, you will need to wait for the rotating tube contraction to reach the platform where the orb is dropped, then step on the switch.
  2. Once the orb is inside of the tube, watch the ball as it traverses the tube, and change the direction of rotation with your Sheikah Slate as the ball moves.
  3. Once the ball reaches the end of the tube, it will fall out and be available for you to pick it up.
  4. Now, place the orb in the slot to the right of the spinning shaft. Cross the shaft once again, and turn left to reach the second Guidance Stone.


The Third Room

Return to the central room once again. Climb up the rotating gears that you ascended to reach the second room. There will be a large shaft that extends from the gear you are climbing to the start of the central room where you first entered.

  1. Cross that shaft, and look for a spinning gear with what appears to be a chest behind it. Using Stasis, stop the gear when the small gap is just about over the chest. Inside the chest is a Gerudo Blocker.
  2. Now, cross back over the shaft and glide over to the elevated platform on the right side of the room. Proceed down the platform and ascend the ladder.
  3. Crossover to the other side of the room through the catwalk and defeat the mini Guardian at the center of the gearwork. Then, continue down the catwalk and look up high. You should see a small chest that you can grab with Magnesis. Inside that small chest is 5 bomb arrows.
  4. Now, grab the large metallic slab and bring it across to the other side of the gearwork. Place the large metallic slab inside of the slot on the right side of the gearwork.
  5. With the metallic slab placed in the slot, extend out the slab from the slot and have it connect with the keyhole on the wall to the right. This will then open the pathway to the third room.

Enter the room and use Stasis on the fan. Defeat the mini Guardian inside, and open the chest that he guards. Inside this chest is a Swallow Bow. Now exit the area behind the fan and change the direction of rotation on your Sheikah Slate so that the fan is blowing towards the entrance to the room. Now climb up the platform close to the fan and glide across the room towards the wall where another platform exists. Climb up the ladder to ascend to the top of the platforms on the wall at the entrance of the room. Change the direction of rotation on your Sheikah Slate and glide towards the moving platform near the fan. Use Stasis to stop the fan and glide past the fan. The Guidance Stone will be on the right.


The Fourth Room

Return to the central room. Cross through the gearwork to the other side of the central room. Watch out for the Guardian Skywatcher and Guardian Turret that have recently spawned. After defeating the Guardians, climb up the ladder to the upper level of the platform that leads to the fourth room.

  1. Use Stasis, and look at the gearwork on the wall between you and the fourth room. You will see a broken gear that requires the cogs from the gear below it to move. Use Stasis and freeze one of the cogs before they slide from gravity. You will need to time this so that the platform raises just before the doorway to the fourth room is accessible, otherwise Stasis will stop and the platform will fall. This will cause the cog to manipulate the gear above, and raise the platform leading to the fourth room.
  2. Once inside the fourth room, proceed to the pool of water in the center of the room. Using Cryonis, place a block underneath the rod that nearly touches the water. This will push a button into the rod and activate the movement of the room.
  3. Ride up the rotating rod to proceed to the next part of the room.
  4. Hit the spigot-like contraption with Stasis and a hammer counter-clockwise to lower the water level in the room. At the bottom of the pool is a chest containing a Zora Spear. Above the pool is a pressure switch, stand on the switch to cause a block to move up an incline.
  5. Behind that block is a metallic ball. Using Magnesis, move the metallic ball to the front of that block that moves when you step on the pressure switch. Then step on the pressure switch to send the ball across the room and activate your path to the Guidance Stone above. Use Cryonis to create a pathway to the Guidance Stone.

Head back to the central room, and use Magnesis to move the cogs of the lock at the back of the central room. This will open the door that leads directly to Maz Koshia.


The Final Battle

Note: Maz Koshia is an ancient Sheikah, which means that he shares similar traits at the Yiga. Therefore, he will attack similarly to a Yiga Clan member and is vulnerable to bananas.

When the battle starts, he will perform charge attacks at you. These attacks are very difficult to parry or dodge, so be as careful as possible when timing these attacks.

  • Once he completes an attack, proceed to deal direct damage to him.
  • Additionally, he will jump into the air and shoot an elemental arrow towards you. Be ready to dodge or block these attacks.
  • Eventually, Maz Koshia will begin to send rock pillars towards you. Run towards the gusts that he generates and perform a jump strike on him after each rock pillar attack.
  • Continue these tactics until you knock out about a quarter of his health.

Once Maz Koshia is at 75% health, he will begin to duplicate himself and surround you. Use your bow to eliminate the clones and find the real Maz Koshia, then deal direct damage to him. Or, wait until he completes an attack, then you will have a moment to attack him.

As soon as Maz Koshia reaches 50% health, he will expand in size and begin to drop giant spiked balls down onto you. Dodge these falling balls until all of them land. Then, using Magnesis, pick up one of the balls and place them near Maz Koshia. He will electrify these balls like Thunderblight Ganon so having a spiked ball near him will stun him. Use this opportunity to deal direct combat damage to him.

  • Eventually, Maz Koshia will land on the ground and begin to walk towards you. He will send more spiked balls towards you and even makes clones of himself.
  • He will also start to aim at you with his laser attack, similar to a Guardian attack. Performing a shield parry on these lasers will stun Maz Koshia and allow you to deal direct damage to him.
  • Repeat this process until Maz Koshia is defeated.

Once Maz Koshia congratulates you, you will have successfully completely the Champion’s Ballad and receive the Master Cycle Zero.


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