Etsu Korima Shrine: Path of Light

Etsu Korima Shrine: Path of Light

This Shrine is located in Southwestern Great Plateau. It is just Northeast to the summit of Mount Hylia. Be sure to dress for cold weather accordingly. This shrine will appear after you have defeated all monsters within the vicinity of the shrine with the One-Hit Obliterator.

Once you enter the shrine, you will notice that the entirety of the shrine is dark with very few sources of light from lamps and lasers. The entire premise of this shrine is to successfully navigate through limited sight.

In the first room you will need to use crouch to traverse underneath the lasers and time yourself to get past the final laser that moves continuously in the vertical direction.

After successfully navigating through the first room, head right into the second room. There, you will find a series of dimly lit columns that rotate with spiked walls. Proceed through the room ensuring to avoid running into the walls. Fortunately, the walls rotate fairly slow, so it is easy to get around in this room. If you enter the room and traverse on the left side, a wall of vines exists in the far corner of the room that if lit with fire, will drop a small chest with a Gold Rupee inside.

After navigating through the second room, head left to enter into the third room. For this room, a thin, winding path will be well lit by a series of fire columns. The name of the game for this room is timing. For each set of fire columns, study the pattern of when the flames turn on and off, and carefully proceed through each. Fortunately there are only three of these flame columns to navigate through.

The fourth and final room appears immediately after the third room. When entering the room, three mini Guardians will appear. One will appear immediately and the remaining two will appear after entering further into the room. You do not have to eliminate these mini Guardians, but it is recommended. Immediately following the final room, you will lay foot onto  a large staircase that leads directly to Etsu Korima.

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