Ze Kasho Shrine

Ze Kasho Apparatus

Ze Kasho Shrine - Breath of the Wild

Clear a path down the center of the platform.

The Ze Kasho Shrine is by South Akkala Stable, northeast of Akkala Tower. When you first enter this shrine, examine the device in front of you to take control of the platform behind it. Tilting the controller will make the patches of spikes slide along their rails. Position them to make a clear path down the center of the platform.

Exit the apparatus, jump over to the platform, and continue forward to the next area, which contains a switch and four lasers. Hitting the switch will make part of the floor rotate, temporarily blocking the lasers. Hit it once and run past the first two lasers. Then use a Remote Bomb or an arrow to hit it again and run past the second pair.

Ze Kasho Shrine - Breath of the Wild

Hit the switch to rotate part of the floor and temporarily block the lasers.

Ze Kasho Shrine - Breath of the Wild

Silverscale Spear There is a block past the second pair of lasers that moves halfway around the platform every time the switch is activated. As it moves from the underside to the top, you can climb on top of it. From here you can glide to a Treasure Chest, which contains a Silverscale Spear.

Continue into the next area and take control of the next device. Use it to tilt the floor until all three orbs are positioned on the three switches. There isn’t an exact method for doing this. Just keep trying, and use slow, gradual movements. Once all three orbs are in position, the gate to Ze Kasho will open. Talk to him to claim a Spirit Orb.

Ze Kasho Shrine - Breath of the Wild

Use slow, gradual movements to position the three orbs.

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