Ta’loh Neag Shrine

Ta’loh Neag’s teaching

Ta’loh Neag shrine is located on a small hill directly north of Kakariko Village; it’s practically in the village. Place your Sheikah Slate in the pedestal and enter.

Immediately when you proceed into this shrine, you are rewarded with two chests. The left one contains an Eightfold Blade, the right a Shield of the Mind’s Eye. Continue forward and a short cut scene will play where the ground raises up with a Guardian Scout onboard. This shrine serves as a combat tutorial.

Follow the directions that appear on screen. The first will ask you to use side hops to get behind the Guardian Scout to attack it. If you time it correctly, a play-time event will occur and you can use a flurry of attacks to damage it.

Breath of the Wild Ta'loh Naeg Shrine

Follow Ta’loh Naeg’s instructions to complete the shrine.

The second round will have you use a backflip to avoid the attack. Again, once you execute this, you’ll send another flurry of attacks that’ll launch you into the next phase.

Next, use the Perfect Guard as instructed right as the enemy attacks. This one is pretty simple.

This final phase will ask you to use a charge attack. Build up your attack and deliver the final blow. The Guardian Scout will drop a Guardian Sword and some monster items.

Proceed through the newly opened door, and another chest greets you. Collect the Opal inside as a reward for your training, then speak to the monk to complete the trial.


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