Tahno O’ah Shrine – Secret of the Cedars

Near the Dye Shop in Hateno Village is a woman called Clavia. Talk to her to hear a riddle that will lead you to a Shrine.

“You see those three trees up on top of that snowy mountain there? I found a small letter stuck between the pages of this old book at my house… It said, ‘When the three summit trees become one, turn your back to them and head toward the sea. A trial encased in stone awaits you there.’ I don’t know what that means! But maybe it means we have to head to Afromsia Coast, which is just east of those trees on the mountain!”

Head north to the three cedar trees on Madorna Mountain, then head east to Afromsia Coast, keeping the trees lined up behind you. Just before you reach the sea you should come across an area with plenty of evergreen trees. Turn around and search the cliff for some rocks that you can destroy with a Bomb.

Tahno O’ah’s Blessing

Open the Treasure Chest to find the Climbing Boots, which increase your climbing speed when worn. Collect a Spirit Orb from the Monk Tahno O’ah.

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