Shoqa Tatone Shrine – Guardian Slideshow


Head south from the Lake Tower to Puffer Beach where you will find the Shoqa Tatone Shrine’s location. You will see an orange glowing pedestal and nearby will be the orb but it is being kept from you by Loone. She will not give you the orb until you have shown her a picture of the following guardian types:

  • Guardian Scout
  • Guardian Skywalker
  • Guardian Stalker

The Guardian Scout’s are easy to find, the first one you met was in the Oman Au Shrine and another can be found in the Pumaag Nitae Shrine. To get the other two guardian images, you should head to Hyrule Castle and you will find them easily enough. Once you have all three images, head back to Loone, who will then give you the orb. Place the orb on the pedestal and it will stop glowing orange and turn blue. The shrine will then rise up out of the ground and you can activate it.

  1. This is a minor test of strength shrine and you will need to defeat a Guardian Scout II.
  2. Collect the guardian weapons and parts once you have defeated the scout.
  3. Head to the altar room and open the treasure chest.
  4. Go to the altar and collect your spirit orb.


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