Sheh Rata Shrine – Speed of Light

Sheh Rata Shrine is to the northwest of the Lanayru Wetlands, in the middle of the river. Thick brambles make it impossible to walk up to the entrance. You can climb the hills on the south bank of the river and glide across to the shrine from there, or just burn the brambles.

Briefly push the wheel on your left to rotate the laser beam. When the laser hits the switch on the right, water will fill the room.


Use Cryonis to make platforms in the water. Climb onto the platform with the laser beam. Shoot an arrow at the switch to lower the water level.


Glide to the doorway on the other side of the room. Pick up the metal barrel and place it on the switch to open the gate.

Collect a Spirit Orb from the Monk Sheh Rata.

Additional Treasure

  1. Once the barrel is on top of the switch, return to the entrance.
  2. Raise the water level and climb up to the laser like before.
  3. Shoot an arrow at the switch to lower the water level.
  4. Look through the fence at the barrel on the switch and cast Stasis on either one.
  5. Quickly shoot an arrow at the switch to raise the water level and glide to the doorway. Stasis will keep the gate open long enough for you to get through, but you will be locked in.
  6. Use Cryonis to create a pillar of ice in the pool of water by Monk Sheh Rata.
  7. Climb the pillar of ice to reach the Treasure Chest. Inside is a Giant Boomerang.


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