Qua Raym Shrine

In the middle of the Goronbi lake, east of the Woodland Tower is the Qua Raym Shrine. You can use the metal blocks or find a high point to paraglide to the shrine.

  1. Head to the closest scales and break the wooden crate.
  2. Once the scales have moved, collect the key from the chest.
  3. Head to the locked door and open it with the key, use magnesis to pull out the metal cube.
  4. Go to the second set of scales and place the metal cube on the part of the scale that is nearest the ledge with the second treasure chest.
  5. Climb onto the scales with the metal cube and use magnesis to drop the metal cube on the other part of the scale. This will throw you into the air where you can paraglide onto the ledge with the treasure chest.
  6. Now return to the first set of scales and bring the metal cube with you.
  7. Step onto the right hand part of the scales and position yourself so you can throw a bomb and break the blocks that are stopping you reaching the altar. You can always use a bomb arrow.
  8. Once your path is cleared out, place a metal cube on the closest part of the scales to the shrine, taking note of the spikes above you.
  9. Place the treasure chest and the other metal cube onto the other part of the scales. This should be heavier that your side and lift you up. The metal cube on your side will block the spikes from reaching you, giving yourself time to make your way to the altar.
  10. Head to the altar and collect your spirit orb.
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