Mo’a Keet Shrine

Metal makes a path

The Mo’a Keet Shrine is located on the southeast edge of the Eldin region, between Foothill Stable and Cephla Lake.

Breath of the Wild Mo'a Keet Shrine - Metal Makes a Path

Use Stasis on the boulder rolling down the first ramp.

When you first enter the shrine, you’ll see a ramp leading upwards, which has boulders rolling down it. In order to go up the ramp, you’ll need to use Stasis on one of the boulders. The easiest way to do it is to activate Stasis when the boulder is at the very top of the ramp, or just after it leaves the bottom of the ramp but before it falls into the lava, clearing the path for you to run up. You can also activate Stasis on a boulder as it is rolling down the ramp, but you’ll have to hit it a few times with a weapon to clear it out of the way because there’s no space to run around it.

Once you’ve gone up the first ramp, you’ll be on a platform with three more ramps leading down to it. The right hand one has metal boulders rolling down it. You can use Magnesis to control these boulders.

Knight’s Broadsword
If you head to the top of the right hand ramp, where the metal boulders roll down, you will see a treasure chest. Inside is a Knight’s Broadsword.
Use Magnesis to bring the metal boulder to the bottom floor (walk down the ramp backwards to block the other boulder from hitting you). Walk to the corner opposite the entrance and thrust the metal boulder into the cracked blocks in the ceiling. This will drop a Metal Treasure Chest containing a Ruby down to you.

Hold the metal boulder in front of you with Magnesis and walk toward the leftmost ramp. Avoid the boulders rolling down the middle ramp by timing your movement to go between them, or use your metal boulder to block them as you go past.

Breath of the Wild Mo'a Keet Shrine - Metal Makes a Path

When you reach the left ramp, hold the metal boulder in front of you as you walk up it. This will push the other boulders to the top and out of your way. Talk to Mo’a Keet and claim your Spirit Orb.

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