Lakna Rokee Shrine

There are two Shrines in Kakariko Village. Taloh Naeg is easy to find, but Lakna Rokee takes a lot more work to get into. There is a list of other quests that must be completed before you can start the Shrine Quest that opens it up.

Main Quest: Find the Fairy Fountain

Follow the main quest through Kakariko Village and Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. Return to Kakariko Village and help Pikango the artist locate the Fairy Fountain. You can find him near the Goddess Statue.

Side Quest: Flown the Coop

One of Impa’s guards, Cado, keeps Cuckos. You can find him outside Impa’s house or by his chicken coop. Bring all of the escaped Cuckos back to their pen to get a reward. Look around the village, including on roofs and by the first Shrine.

Side Quest: By Firefly’s Light

Lasli, the girl who stands outside the clothes store during the day, has been forced to stay indoors at night and misses seeing fireflies. At night you will find her in the house in the southeast corner of the village. Solve her problem by collecting five Sunset Fireflies and releasing them inside the house while she is there. You can find lots of them flying around the village at night (sneak to avoid scaring them off). You will get some Rupees as a reward.

Once you have completed all of these quests, you can start the Shrine Quest to get into Lakna Rokee.

Stolen Heirloom

Enter Impa’s house and talk to Paya. The Sheikah Heirloom that was on a pedestal next to Impa has been stolen. They have no idea who the thief is and Impa will ask you to stay with Paya for the rest of the day.

The time will skip forward to the evening. If you talk to Dorian or Cado outside Impa’s house, they will name two possible suspects: Lasli and Mellie. You can try to talk to them, but you won’t get much information out of them.

Once night falls, Lasli and Mellie will start to move about suspiciously. If you follow them without being caught you can find out what they are up to, but it won’t lead to the heirloom.

Keep an eye on the path leading to the Great Fairy Fountain and you will see Dorian. Follow him without being seen, by keeping well behind him and staying out of sight when he looks around. He will lead you to an altar near the Great Fairy Fountain.

Approach Dorian and a Yiga Blademaster will appear. If you haven’t encountered one of these foes before, this fight can be difficult. Focus on avoiding or blocking its attacks and watch out for the attack that causes the earth to burst open with power: use the updraught that precedes it to turn the tables on the Blademaster.

The Blademaster will drop the heirloom upon defeat. Listen to Dorian to hear the whole story behind this encounter, then place the orb in the altar to reveal the Shrine.

Lakna Rokee’s Blessing

Make sure to collect the Edge of Duality from the Treasure Chest before you finish up, then collect a Spirit Orb from the Monk Lakna Rokee.

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