Ke’Nai Shakah Shrine

Northeast of Zora’s Domain hidden inside Ulria Grotto you will find the Ke’Nai Shakah Shrine. To find the shrine, you will need to destroy a bombable rock wall, just below the top of the cliff. Bomb arrows will make this easier. There are updrafts around the cliff, which will enable to you paraglide over to the shrine.

The shrine contains a Guardian Scout III. When the battle starts, the scout may shoot a few quick shots, use your shield to defend yourself.

  • Make use of flurry rushes when the scout does close combat.
  • The scout will pull back and prepare for a spin attack. Move so that a pillar is between yourself and the scout to block the attack.
  • The laser spinning attack will create updrafts for you to either use your bow and arrows to weaken the scout or get close enough to do a sword attack.
  • The last attack will be the focused laser attack, use the pillars in the room to help block the attacks but a simple run will top you getting hit, just watch that stamina.
  • Guardian Scouts can be slowed down by using ice arrows. If you are finding it difficult, stop the scout with an ice arrow then hit it with a charged attack.
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