Kema Zoos Shrine – A Delayed Puzzle

The Kema Zoos is in the northeast corner of the Gerudo Desert. There is a sand storm that will disrupt your map, but look for Gerudo statues holding Traveler’s Swords. They will be pointing the sword to each other, creating a path to the shrine.

  1. Run up the ramp to the platform just north of the entrance. There will be an electric, metal ball being launched back and forth across the room. Use Stasis to stop the metal ball while it’s in the air. Then shoot it with an arrow to knock it off course.
  2. Use Magnesis to lift the metal ball over the gate in the northwest corner of the room. Lower it next to the electric switch to charge it, opening the gate. Inside is a Treasure Chest containing a Moonlight Scimitar.
  3. Use Magnesis to move the metal ball to the northeast corner of the room and set it next to the electric switch. This will unlock the gate to Kema Zoo. Talk to Kema Zoo and claim Spirit Orb.
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