Katosa Aug Shrine

Katosa Aug Apparatus

The Katosa Aug Shrine is by East Akkala Stable, in the northeastern corner of Hyrule.

Head to your right and up the small set of stairs to the apparatus. Examine it to take control of a giant hammer. You will need to use the hammer to hit the orb into the hole on the opposite side of the platform.

The hammer is controlled using motion controls. Try holding the controller flat, with the screen facing upward, for the best results. Tilt the right side of the controller up to draw back the hammer. Watch the hammer’s shadow to make sure you have a straight shot.

Quickly tilt the left side of the controller up to strike the ball with the hammer. Experiment with different amounts of power until you manage to get the ball into the hole at the other end of the area. If you miss, exit the apparatus with the B button and then examine it again to reset the ball.

There is a second apparatus behind Monk Katosa Aug.

A moving platform will appear when you get the ball into the hole. Ride it over to Monk Katosa Aug. Before you talk to the Monk, you may wish to collect the Shrine’s other treasure: a Great Frostblade. This can be found behind Katosa Aug, where there is another apparatus with a second hole-in-one puzzle.

The second puzzle requires you to aim at an angle. The slight slope of the platform enables you to knock the ball in an arc around the pit. Getting the ball into the hole will activate a platform to the right of the apparatus. Ride the platform to get a Great Frostblade from the Treasure Chest.

Return to Katosa Aug to receive the Spirit Orb and exit the Shrine.

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