Kaam Ya’tak Shrine – Trial of Power

This Shrine is hidden among the hills southwest of the Central Tower. If you approach from the south you can reach it without encountering any Guardians. Kaam Ya’tak contains one of the longest trails in Breath of the Wild.


Opening the first gate

  • Use Stasis on the wrecking ball.
  • Build up power in the wrecking ball then watch it knock open the gates (just don’t get in its way).


Spiked ball hazard

  • Spiked metal balls roll past you continuously up ahead. The pace is much slower in the first place, so you can run past without using any Runes.
  • The second trap is too fast to run through. Cast Stasis on any of the spiked balls and it will hold back the ones behind it. Run around the balls before they are released from Stasis.

Freeing the giant stone ball

  • Defeat the Guardian Scouts II. You can pick up their weapons if you need them.
  • Stand to one side of the room and knock down the lantern with an arrows or a thrown weapon. The fire will burn away the wooden supports holding the stone ball. Watch as the ball knocks open the gates for you.
  • Open the Treasure Chest to get an Edge of Duality: a rare and incredibly powerful Greatsword.


Deeper into the Shrine

  • Look in the Treasure Chest behind the gates to find a Broadsword.
  • Keep going until you find two more Guardian Scouts II. Defeat them and carry on.
  • You cannot open these gates yet, but you will come back to them later.
  • Watch out for the suspicious section of floor in the narrow passageway. Freeze it with Stasis before walking across, or you will be tipped into a bottomless pit.


Giant machinery

  • Find the apparatus at the top of the steps that controls the giant hammer.
  • Cast Stasis on the metal ball just next to the hammer.
  • Examine the apparatus to manipulate the hammer with motion controls. Strike the metal ball with the hammer as hard as possible.
  • By freezing the metal ball you ensure that more of the kinetic energy from the hammer is transferred to it: this in turn will knock the stone ball hard enough to get it up the ramp and onto the floor, where it will open the gates for you.
  • Open the Treasure Chest to get an Ancient Core.


Overcoming the pit

  • Draw an arrow and set it on fire by getting close to one of the torches.
  • Shoot the burning arrow into the vines to burn away the wooden restraints around the ball. If you have no arrows, try setting a wooden weapon on fire and throwing it over the fence.
  • Cast Stasis on the floor next to the gates.
  • Wait for a stone ball to roll down the ramp. Step on the button at the last possible moment to raise the ramp and launch the ball across the gap. If Stasis is still acting on the floor, the ball should roll up to the gates and knock them open.


Reaching the previously out-of-reach area

  • Destroy the bombable wall to find a Treasure Chest containing a Silver Rupee.
  • Step on the switch to permanently lower the bars in the wall.
  • Cast Stasis on the machine and build up power to send it shooting along the rails. This will open the final gate.


The final puzzle

  • Look around the back of the final area to reach the Treasure Chest. Inside is a Diamond.
  • Stand in the glowing square and hit the switch to launch yourself high into the air. Hit the switch again to reset the launcher, if necessary. Use the launcher to reach the Monk Kaam Ya’tak and collect a Spirit Orb.
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