Joloo Nah Shrine

Joloo Nah Apparatus

You’ll need to complete the Test of Will Shrine Quest in order to access this shrine.

Examine the apparatus in front of you.

Rotate the cube using motion controls (which is very difficult to do while playing in Handheld Mode on the Switch!) until all of the crystals are charged with electricity. Use the apparatus in the next room to manipulate the wind. You can find a Golden Greatsword in the Treasure Chest in the corner if you glide along the wind.

Use Magnesis to lift the metal block off of the switch. Move it onto the switch on the right that you can’t reach yourself. Use the apparatus in this room to move the wind machine. Get three of the windmills to spin and leave them like this. Glide to the switch on the left and stand on it to raise the final windmill into place, opening the gate.

Use Stasis on the switch that you are standing on to temporarily stop the gate from closing and enter the next room. Use Magnesis to move the lamp hanging from the ceiling. Lift the lamp up to burn down the wooden platform. There is a Gerudo Spear inside the Treasure Chest.

Move the Treasure Chest onto the switch using Magnesis. One of the water fountains will drop down so that you can solve the puzzle.

Use the apparatus to manipulate the final cube. Bring the torches on the cube close to the lamp above it to light them. Don’t let them get too close to the water fountain on the right or they will be extinguished. It is possible to light all but one of the torches using dexterity alone. Once you have lit as many torches as you can, back out of the apparatus.

Use Stasis on the water fountain to temporarily stop the flow. Use the apparatus to light any remaining torches and open the last gate. Talk to the Monk Joloo Nah to collect a Spirit Orb.

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