Jitan Sa’mi Shrine – The Spring of Wisdom

Travel to Mount Lanayru in the east of Hyrule. The climate on the mountain is cold so preparing some warming food is a good idea (the Warm Doublet alone isn’t enough). A bow and plenty of arrows are also essential. Climb the path to the summit, where there is a Goddess Statue.


Shoot an arrow at any of the eyes on the dragon’s body. Naydra will start to circle the top of Mount Lanayru. Follow Naydra and shoot another one of the eyes. Using the updraughts allows you activate slow motion and recover stamina quickly, making it easier to hit the target. The dragon will fly down to a lower peak and begin to circle there. Glide down and take out another eye. Naydra will move to a location near the base of Mount Lanayru. Destroy the final eye to free Naydra from the curse.

Shoot one last arrow at Naydra’s body and wait for a scale to fall off. Hold the scale in your hands and drop it into the spring to open the door to the Shrine.

Jitan Sa’mi’s Blessing

Open the Treasure Chest to receive a Frostspear. Collect a Spirit Orb from the Monk Jitan Sa’mi.

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