Ha Dahamar Shrine

Travel to Dueling Peaks Stable and locate the Shrine nearby. Climb to some high ground, like the wall behind the Shrine, then glide over the spikes around the Shrine to reach the entrance. Place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to unlock the Shrine

The Water Guides

  1. Raise a pillar of ice from the pool using Cryonis and climb up to the ledge
  2. Create a pillar of ice from the waterfall and climb it to reach the other side
  3. Create some more ice pillars to reach the Treasure Chest overhead (it contains a purple rupee)
  4. Place one pillar of ice in front of the slope to make the orbs drop onto the seesaw
  5. Place another pillar underneath the left side of the seesaw, so that it cannot be tipped over by the orbs (or use Stasis at the appropriate time)
  6. Place the last pillar just below the right side of the seesaw to stop the orbs from falling into the pit
  7. If you have used Cryonis correctly, an orb will roll into the socket and the gate will open
  8. Collect a Spirit Orb from the Monk Ha Dahamar
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