Dow Na’eh Shrine – Three Boxes

Travel to Lanayru Promenade, on the road between Kakariko Village and Mount Lanayru. The Shrine is in a cave behind the waterfall. There is a path on the right hand side that leads inside. To start, use Magnesis to place all three Treasure Chests on the big switch.

  1. One Treasure Chest is underwater and contains an Opal
  2. The second Treasure Chest is on a wooden platform suspended by ropes and contains a Zora Sword
  3. The third Treasure Chest is on the elevator at the back and contains some Amber

Activating the switch will open the gate on the left to reveal a metal block. Place the metal block on the elevator and use it to jump onto the ledge that was previously too high to reach. Collect a Spirit Orb from the Monk Dow Na’eh

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