Dako Tah Shrine

In the Kara Kara Bazaar, speak with Nobiro to trigger the shrine quest. He is found on the west side of the outpost and will be facing in the direction of the shrine.  Southest of the Gerudo Tower in a small rock formation is the Dako Tah Shrine.  

  1. Follow the path until you reach the room where there is an electric cube.
  2. Defeat the Guardian Scout and step onto the moving platform.
  3. Use your magnesis rune to lift the electric cube and keep it connected to the powerline. Moving it away will turn the power off the platform you are on.
  4. Make your way back to the side you climbed onto the platform and head across to where you see the crystal. Make sure the electric cube does not trigger the power before you climb onto the platform.
  5. Halfway up move the electric cube from the crystal so you can grab the first treasure chest.
  6. Continue your way up by powering up the crystal until you reach the top.
  7. At the top, drop the electric cube onto the metal platforms to electrify it and destroy the Guardian Scouts.
  8. Use your magnesis rune to move the electric cube off the metal platform, then use your magnesis rune again to move the metal block and gain access to the next room.
  9. Lift the electric cube again and make your way to the next room. Make sure you do not touch the metal platforms else you will get electrocuted.
  10. Do not head up the next section just yet, put down the electric cube and activate the crystal to activate the moving platform.
  11. Move onto the platform and collect the second treasure chest.
  12. Return to the electric cube and continue your way to the top and onto the next moving platform.
  13. Place the electric cube onto the small pedestal, which will activate the last moving platform across the room.
  14. When the platform reaches you and climb on.
  15. Once you are halfway, the platform will slow down so you move the metal block from your path.
  16. When you reach the end of the path and the altar’s location, turn round and move the metal block back into the path of the platform. You can now get the final chest in this shrine.
  17. Wait for the platform to come back and make your way to the altar.
  18. Activate the altar and collect the spirit orb.
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