Daka Tuss Shrine

Sunken Scoop

The Daka Tuss Shrine is located in the Lanayru region, southwest of Lanayru Tower on Shrine Island in the Lanayru Wetlands. This shrine will test your ability to move objects around via Magnesis.

The first thing you’ll need to do is find the scoop, which, as the shrine’s subtitle implies, is at the bottom of the pool that’s in front of you when you first enter the shrine. Turn on Magnesis and you should be able to easily spot it: it’s a big, metal bowl.

Breath of the Wild Daka Tuss Shrine - Sunken Scoop

Pick up the bowl with Magnesis and carefully position it under one of the orbs, then lift it out of the water and into the air. Next to the pool, in the far-left corner of the room, is a pedestal. Carry the orb over to it using the scoop and Magnesis, and lift it up and over the fence. Tip the orb out of the bowl so that it lands in the pedestal and opens a gate.

Pick up the bowl again with Magnesis, and carry it through the gate that you just opened. You’ll see another pool with some orbs floating in it. Pick up one with the scoop. There is another pedestal near the pool, but this time it is caged over. Use the scoop to place an orb on top of the cage.

Breath of the Wild Daka Tuss Shrine - Sunken Scoop

Place an orb on top of the cage, then use the metal bowl to press the switch.

There is a switch at the bottom of the pool. Use Magnesis to move the bowl onto the switch and activate it. Release Magnesis, and the weight of the bowl will keep the switch depressed. The switch will open the top of the cage where you left the orb, causing it to fall down and into its pedestal. This will cause the water level in the pool to drop and reveal a passageway.

Once the water level has dropped you can go back into the first room and jump down into the pool, where you’ll see a newly revealed doorway leading to a treasure chest.

Go back to the second pool, jump down into it, and go through the passage. Follow the path around and up the stairs, and it will lead you to Daka Tuss and your next Spirit Orb.

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