Dah Hesho Shrine

A minor test of strength

The Dah Hesho shrine can be found in the Akkala region. It is located on the south-east shore of Lake Akkala, south of the Akkala Highlands.

This is a combat trial, so you’ll need to defeat a Guardian Scout. This one is a minor test of strength, so it won’t be too bad if you’ve got a few upgrades, spare weapons, and some food, but can be tough if you’re early in the game.

Equip your most defensive clothing for the oncoming battle before entering the arena. Keep a shield ready in case it shoots at you as it runs toward you.

Immediately attack the Guardian Scout, being sure to block or backflip out of the way of its attacks. It only has one weapon and no shield so it is also possible to avoid them completely if you move far enough to the side.

Breath of the Wild Dah Hesho Shrine - A Minor Test of Strength

Once sufficient damage has been done, the Guardian Scout will jump backwards and slowly extend its weapon to prepare for a spin attack. Use this time to hide directly behind a pillar. When it does the spin attack, it will hit the pillar and break it, becoming temporarily stunned. Use this moment to attack.

Continue to use blocks and backflips to avoid attacks whilst dealing damage in close combat. It has another attack where it will retract its limbs and lower itself to the ground. When it does this, move well away from it to avoid the spinning laser it will send out. The heat from the laser will create an updraft, so you can jump and use your glider to fly into the air and glide over the laser. Attack mid-flight to stop the Guardian Scout’s attack and deal some good damage.

If you have low attack power, you may have to repeat these steps several times. When its HP gets lower, the Guardian Scout may use its final attack, which involves summoning energy and targeting you with a laser before unleashing four laser blasts. It’s vulnerable while summoning energy, so you can run in close and attack, but the laser can deal a fair bit of damage, so you may need to back off and dodge the blasts by running out of their way. After the four blasts, it will start summoning more energy so you can run back in and attack it some more.

Once the Guardian Scout has been defeated you have to option to take its Ancient Battle Axe. Then proceed through the now-open gate to find a treasure chest containing an Ancient Core, and the monk Dah Hesho, who is waiting with your Spirit Orb.


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