Dagah Keek Shrine – The Ceremonial Song

Once you have completed the Divine Beast Vah Ruta quest, speak with Laruta at Zora’s Domain, which will start this quest. The Dagah Keek Shrine will appear after you have activated the pedestal, southwest of Zora’s Domain.

Before you can activate the pedestal you need to get the Ceremonial Trident that fell under Zora’s domain. If you head to the bridge that leads to the pedestal and look down to the water, use your chryonis rune to create a chryonis block and head down to that location.

Use your Magnesis rune to search the water and you will see the trident in the water. Grab the trident and then make your way to the pedestal. Once there, equip your Zora armor and head up the waterfall. At the top, drop back down and about half way activate your paraglider, you will need to drop again until you are a couple of meters away from the pedestal and perform an attack with the trident. This will activate the orange pedestal and turn it blue. The shrine will then rise from beneath the ground.

Open the treasure chest to receive a Silver Rupee. Head to the altar and collect your spirit orb.

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