Bosh Kala Shrine

The Wind Guides You

Bosh Kala Shrine tests your skill with the Paraglider.

The shrine is located in West Necluda just southwest of Proxim Bridge. It is the first shrine outside the Great Plateau that many players will find on their first journey to Kakariko Village.

When you enter the shrine, walk up the path on the left side. While standing in the wind stream, jump and use the paraglider to soar to the opposite side of the room to find a treasure chest that contains Amber.

Continue down the center hallway to reach another wind stream. Once again, jump and use the paraglider to soar across the chasm to a platform on the opposite side of the room.

After you land, look to the right to find another wind stream. Jump and use the paraglider a third time to soar across the chasm. However, this time, you’ll have to stop yourself. If you don’t stop, you’ll fly past the platform and fall.

You can reach the chest by gliding from the final platform, but it may take a few tries.

Before meeting Bosh Kala, look across the room to find another treasure chest. Jump and use the paraglider to reach the treasure chest. This one can be difficult; try to get a running start before jumping. The treasure chest contains a Soldier’s Claymore.

After you pick up the treasure chest, you’ll have to run up the stairs and glide across the chasm one more time to reach Bosh Kala.


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