Stone Talus


Stone Talus looks like a cluster of stones. This screenshot shows Stone Talus in the Great Plateau.

Stone Talus appears to be a cluster of boulders until you approach, so it’s likely that you will run into one by accident!

Known Locations

  • Great Plateau: Forest of Spirits
  • West Necluda: West Nabi Lake


Stone Talus has two attacks. Its primary attack is throwing each of its large stone arms in your direction. Each time an arm is thrown, the arm will break. However, Stone Talus will regenerate its arms periodically.

The second attack happens only when your actions cause Stone Talus to collapse. Stone Talus is a large boulder. When it collapses, you need to make sure you aren’t standing near it. If you are, you will take damage from the boulder falling over.


Attack the weak point on top of Stone Talus.

Stone Talus has one weak point: a large gem at the top of the largest boulder. You can see the weak point from the ground. Attacking the weak point with a melee weapon will cause damage.

If you attack the weak point with an Arrow, Stone Talus will collapse and be stunned for several seconds.

If you attack the weak point with a Bomb Arrow, Stone Talus will take a large amount of damage and will then collapse and be stunned for several seconds.

The Remote Bomb Rune can destroy Stone Talus’s arms before it uses them to attack. However, it will still regenerate the arms if they are destroyed this way.


Use Bomb Arrows to take down Stone Talus quickly!

If you have Bomb Arrows to spare, using them is the fastest way to take down Stone Talus. Aim for the large gem on top of Stone Talus. A good hit will cause a large amount of damage and stun Stone Talus.

If you don’t have Bomb Arrows, but you do have regular Arrows, using those Arrows is the next best strategy. Aim for the large gem on top of Stone Talus. A hit with a regular Arrow will stun Stone Talus and cause it to collapse. While it is stunned, climb on top of Stone Talus and strike the large gem with any melee weapon. You should be able to strike several times before Stone Talus throws you off.

Keep in mind that striking the large gem with melee weapons will cause them to break fairly quickly. So, you need to bring several melee weapons into battle.

If you run out of Arrows, you can also use the Remote Bomb Rune to stun Stone Talus. Throw Remote Bombs below it and detonate to cause Stone Talus to collapse and give you a chance to climb on top and strike the large gem.

For skilled players, It is possible to climb Stone Talus without stunning it first.


  • Amber
  • Flint
  • Opal
  • Ruby
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