Optional Item: Magic Powder

First Chapter Available: Chapter 2
Items Required: None

1 Obtaining the rotten mushroom


You need to find the Magic Mushroom first in order to retrieve the Magic Powder.

Getting the Magic Powder is a quest that has to be done in two parts. The first goal is to find the Magic Mushroom deep within the Lost Woods. If you come into the Lost Woods from the northeast corner, you will find this naturally as you travel along. The path will eventually bend southward, and you will need to travel southward through a log tunnel. Once you emerge, head north through the adjoining log tunnel. The Magic Mushroom will come up before you know it.

2 Visiting the witch’s hut

Once you have the mushroom in your inventory, you’ll need to travel all the way to eastern Hyrule to visit the Witch. From Hyrule Castle, head east and then north until you pass the bridge spanning the river. You’ll have to fight through a few bushes or some rocks to make it there. The screen will scroll up and then east, and eventually you’ll find the Witch tending to her cauldron outside her hut. Select the Mushroom and “use” it whilst next to her. She’ll take it off of you and offer to brew up the Magic Powder, but it will take some time for her to prepare it, so you’ll need to leave for a short time.

In game parlance, that means you need to leave the screen. (Entering her hut and travelling to the Dark World won’t count; it has to be a scrolling screen transition.) So head back west until the screen scrolls, and then head back east and enter the Witch’s Hut. The Magic Powder will be waiting for you.

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