Optional Item: Good Bee

You can find the Good Bee in a cave near the spot where you found the Ice Rod.

The Good Bee, also called the Golden Bee, is a special Bee that can only be found in one location in Hyrule.

To find the Good Bee, follow the path east from the Great Swamp along the southern and eastern shores of Lake Hylia all the way until it reaches a dead end to find a cave. Enter the cave and use a bomb on the northern wall to reveal the entrance to a Fairy fountain.

There is a curious statue of a bee in the center of the Fairy fountain. Use the Pegasus Boots to dash into the statue, and out will pop a single Bee—the Good Bee. Despite it’s name the Good Bee will attack you, so you best have your Bug-catching Net at the ready to capture it.

Dash into the statue to find the Good Bee.

Dash into the statue to find the Good Bee.

The Good Bee differs from ordinary Bees in three ways:

  • First, if you sic the Good Bee on your enemies, it will stick around significantly longer than ordinary Bees. It can still fly away if you leave it free for long enough, but you have a much better chance of catching it again than an ordinary Bee.
  • Second, it sparkles. It’s not much, but at least it’s a cool effect.
  • Third, you can sell a Good Bee to the Bottle merchant in Kakariko Village for 100 Rupees. To sell one, stand in front of the Bottle merchant and let the Good Bee out of its Bottle. Then quickly talk to the merchant. He’ll be so excited that he’ll pay you without any questions asked!

If you ever lose or sell the Good Bee, you can always get another one in the same spot.

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