Equipment Upgrades
  1. 1 Bomb and arrow capacity upgrades
  2. 2 Double magic

Bomb and arrow capacity upgrades

First Chapter Available: Chapter 7 (Chapter 4 via sequence break)
Items Required: Zora’s Flippers, 100 Rupees (ideally many more)

The Pond of Happiness is located on a small island in the center of Lake Hylia. Look for a shallow section in the shape of a ring surrounding a whirlpool warp just to the south of this island. Head north from there and use the dock to hop ashore. You should use the ladder to climb up onto the island where you’ll find a cave inset into the hillside. Head in and make your way to the back of the room to the pond, and you’ll be offered the amazing chance to toss in some Rupees. For the first several rounds, you’ll only be offered the chance to throw 5 Rupees or 20 Rupees into the pond. Unless you want to be here all day, toss in 20. Each time you do so, your fortune will be read, but you can generally ignore this.

“This is just a small happiness I can give to you.”

Once you toss in 100 Rupees, you will be greeted by Venus, Queen of the Fairies. She will offer you an amazing choice to increase the number of Bombs or Arrows you can carry. You don’t have to think too carefully about this choice as each 100 Rupees you throw in will give you this opportunity.

After you toss in the first hundred, this process will go much faster as you’ll be given the chance to throw either 25 or 50 Rupees. Thus, it takes two throws going forward to call Venus to your aid.

The first six times you upgrade your Bombs and Arrows each, your capacity to carry them will be increased by five. The seventh and final time you increase each of the items, you will be given 10 more, and that’s how you’ll know you’ve reached the maximum. Should you try to increase one beyond that, you’ll be told you can’t do that, and your 100 Rupees will be returned.

As a result, you’ll be able to carry a total of 50 Bombs and 70 Arrows when maxed out. Reaching full inventory capacity will require 1,400 Rupees in all, which is larger than your total wallet capacity, so always make sure to come here whenever you start getting close to that 999 limitation!

Double magic

First Chapter Available: Chapter 7
Items Required: Magic Hammer, Magic Powder

Just outside of Kakariko Village is a curious little bat that has a very interesting definition of revenge. He’s just the sort of guy who’s inadvertently going to do you a favor, even though he doesn’t mean to.

Head to the Dwarven Swordsmiths’ house just east of the Kakariko inn. As you walk up to the Swordsmiths’ house, you’ll notice a small stake jammed in the ground to block off a small section of the path. Use the Magic Hammer to pound the stake down, and you’ll eventually find a well that you can jump into. Take the bold leap within.

“But now I will get my revenge on you. Get ready for it! …Err, is that OK with you?”


He’s really trying to be mad; you can tell his heart’s not into it with the cheap special effects.

You’ll end up in a small cave with two exits: west and north. West actually leads to the exit of the cavern in the cliff wall, so instead you’ll want to head north. When you get there, you’ll find a rather unique jade shrine of a two-headed lizard-like creature surrounding two hands carefully holding a red jewel in the center. Generally, when you encounter strange things, the Magic Powder tends to do equally strange things to them. Sprinkle some Magic Powder on the gem, and you’ll awaken the demon that lives within.

He’s the Mad Batter, and he’s a little mad. Or at least he’s trying to be mad; he’s not that good at it. In attempting to take revenge on you by halving your magic, he actually gives you a special boon by halving your magic usage. This, in effect, gives you twice as much magic to toy around with when working with all your magical devices.

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