1. 1 First Bottle
  2. 2 Second Bottle
  3. 3 Third Bottle
  4. 4 Fourth Bottle

First Bottle

First Chapter Available: Chapter 2
Items Required: 100 Rupees

The first of the four Bottles can be purchased the moment you arrive in Kakariko Village directly. You might not have the 100 Rupees on hand the moment you get there, but, if you look hard enough through the village, especially in the green building just north of the Bottle merchant, you’ll almost certainly find the necessary cash to pay the tab.

“You, sir! Have you been going through life without one of my hold-anything bottles?”

You’ll find the Bottle merchant just west of the wind vane, which happens to be just southwest of the old lady’s house the Loyal Sage over in Sanctuary tells you to visit. You can only buy one Bottle from him until he’s absolutely sold out, but one Bottle is certainly better than nothing.

The main purpose for Bottles is for holding potions and fairies, though you can also hold bees in them as well. Potions are split into Green Potions that fill your Magic Meter, Red Potions that restore all your hearts, and Blue Potions with do both. Fairies will also restore life, but only up to seven hearts; however, they will also revive you should you die. Captured bees can be unleashed upon enemies and cause damage to them.

Second Bottle

First Chapter Available: Chapter 2
Items Required: None

The second Bottle can also be obtained while you’re in Kakariko Village just after your midnight rendezvous with the Princess and Hyrule Castle. Towards the south end of the village, just before the sign welcoming visitors to Kakariko, is a long building that serves as Kakariko’s local pub. It has a south-facing door which all of the normal patrons enter through, but it also has a secret back entrance that presumably only the owner uses to store his belongings away from the eyes of prying customers. Unfortunately for the owner, he doesn’t keep the door locked, and so you can just waltz right in there unannounced. The only thing worth taking is contained within the treasure chest, and you’ll find the second Bottle hiding within it.

Third Bottle

First Chapter Available: Chapter 7 (Chapter 4 via sequence break)
Items Required: Zora’s Flippers

A lot of things open up once you get the Zora’s Flippers. They give you access to a lot of areas that you just can’t get to on foot. With the flippers in hand, or rather on foot, head down to Lake Hylia. Towards the northeast corner of the lake, you’ll find a small channel that flows out from Lake Hylia and eventually drains into Hyrule Castle’s moat. Halfway there, you’ll find a bridge that spans the crossing between the Eastern Palace and the Great Swamp. If you swim underneath the bridge, you’ll find a hobo camped out beneath it. Perhaps he’s hiding from the Soldiers, or perhaps his home got burnt up in some catastrophic incident, you may never know. But he seems to know you well enough, and he’s got a generous heart to his name. He’ll give Link the third Bottle and wish him the best.

Fourth Bottle

No one owns this house just east of the Village of Outcasts, but someone did leave a chest behind, presumably for safe keeping.

No one owns this house just east of the Village of Outcasts, but someone did leave a chest behind, presumably for safe keeping.

First Chapter Available: Chapter 11
Items Required: Titan’s Mitt, Tempered Sword

Once you’ve bested Thieves’ Town and obtained the Titan’s Mitt, you can reunite the Dwarven Swordsmiths by bringing the frog from the Dark World to his brother in the Light World. They’ll even offer to provide you the Tempered Sword for the low, low price of 10 Rupees. However, there’s a second secret that they provide you, though it’s not one that they would know about directly. If you travel to mirror image of their house in the Dark World, you’ll find a treasure chest that cannot be opened by any means. For lack of a way to open it, you decide that it’s worth carrying along with you.

There is someone that you might have heard rumors about who may have been a thief earlier in his life. He doesn’t like to admit it aloud, of course, and perhaps that’s why he’s short of words and seeking self-exile near the Desert of Mystery. But he does have an interest in keeping that secret a secret, so maybe you can persuade him to help you out.

While dragging the chest along, you won’t be able to use the Pegasus Boots to dash from place to place. Rather, you can use the Boots, but doing so will cause you to drop the chest where you started your jog, meaning you’ll have to go back for it. Head south out of the Village of Outcasts and then through the Plains of Ruin. With the Titan’s Mitt, you can lift up the heavy stone that blocks the shortcut into the swamp. Head west from the swamp as if you were going to the dead end before the Swamp of Evil. Use the Magic Mirror to return to the Light World, and then talk to the man you see there. He’ll open the chest for you and give you the fourth Bottle.

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