Optional Item: Bombos Medallion

First Chapter Available: Chapter 7
Items Required: Master Sword, Magic Hammer, Magic Mirror, Book of Mudora

You’ll find this monolith very early in your adventure; however, it’ll take a little while longer to actually obtain it. The Bombos Medallion is located high up on top of a cliff that, unfortunately, has no access leading up to it. As with most such spots in the Light World, you’ll need to warp there from the Dark World using the Magic Mirror.

After you get the Magic Hammer, head west from the Swamp Palace across the Plains of Ruin. At the very end, you’ll find a small patch of ground surrounded by stakes in the ground. There’s nothing special about the stakes, but they do mark a special spot in the Light World.

Stand within them and use the Magic Mirror. You’ll be standing atop that large cliff. Scroll the screen left, and you’ll see the monolith there. Crack out the Book of Mudora to decipher the ancient Hylian text. You’ll be rewarded with the Bombos Medallion.

The Bombos Medallion functions very similarly to the Ether Medallion in terms of destruction; utilizing the medallion will cause a lot of damage to every enemy on the screen. Unlike the Ether Medallion, however, it deals damage using fire, meaning that anything vulnerable to the Fire Rod (such as Gibdo) is equally vulnerable to Bombos. However, it doesn’t have the same practical effect of lighting up invisible pathways or opening up specific dungeons like Ether or Quake.

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