Chapter 9: Thieves Hideout
  1. 9.1 Making it inside
  2. 9.2 Getting the Compass
  3. 9.3 Escorting Thief Girl
  4. 9.4 Boss: Stalblind

9.1Making it inside

The Thieves’ Hideout can be found in Thieves’ Town in the west of Lorule. By talking to the inhabitants you learn that a Sage’s portrait is hidden somewhere in the town. The thieves’ leader has also imprisoned a Lorulean called Thief Girl, who knows where he hid the painting.

The entrance to the dungeon is underneath one of the big statues in the north part of town. To get inside you need to recite the correct lyrics from the thieves’ song. The complete song can be learnt by talking to three of the town’s inhabitants. The Bard in the Milk Bar sings the first part. The store in the northwest part of town is where you can learn the second part of the song. The final part is sung by the man in the house just north of the Milk Bar. You don’t actually need to talk to them all, as long as you know the words. Choose “a narrow path”, “really despair” and “to thievin’!” as your answers to gain admission.

9.2Getting the Compass

The Spear Boy on guard assumes that you are another thief and goes on a break, giving you a chance to explore. The Boss Door is right next to the entrance and there is a suspicious Treasure Chest at the back of the room that might hold the Big Key, but it is impossible to reach at the moment. On the floor below you can see the Thief Girl in her prison cell, so you will have to find a way down. Go through the upper left door to get 50 Rupees, then head back to the entrance and take the other open door.

Hit the switch in the center of the room to raise some metal bars and lower others. Merge into the wall to get around the bars and go to the bottom left corner of the room. Pull out one of the statues and push it in front of the arrow trap nearby. Then pull the statue up – using it as protection against the arrows – until it is on top of the pressure pad. When it is in place, merge into the wall to get around the statue. Pull the second statue out from its corner and hit the switch in the center again. Move this statue onto the pressure pad near the closed door. Slip past the metal bars next to the door by merging into the wall. In the cage is a Treasure Chest containing 50 Rupees and a third pressure pad. When all three pressure pads are triggered at the same time the way forward will open.

There is nothing of interest in the next room, except another pair of buttons that you cannot activate yet. Go onward to the room with the narrow walkways and drop down by the Treasure Chest on the floor below. Inside is another 50 Rupees. Cross both of the conveyor belts to reach the exit at the bottom of the room.

Ignore the enemies and walk up the steps onto the conveyor belt. Merge with the wall at the end of the belt just before you fall into the pit. Exit the wall near the switch and hit it to reverse the direction of the conveyor belt by the exit. Drop down and throw a Bomb onto the conveyor belt to activate the switch at the other end. If you don’t have Bombs then you can pick up and throw the Bawbs hovering nearby, provided you stun them first.

There is nothing in the next room, except a switch that opens a trapdoor in the floor. This is worth remembering for later, but for now go right. The next room is full of unusual objects. They appear to be merely decorative, but notice how you can merge into them. This is an important thing to remember for later. The room on the right is a dead end, but you can get some Monster Guts there. The last room that you can access is where Thief Girl is being held.

The Treasure Chest in the cage on right holds this dungeon’s Compass. Beware the Stalfos that appears when you inspect the Treasure Chest.

9.3Escorting Thief Girl

Merge with the wall to enter Thief Girl’s cage and press the button inside the cage to open a door nearby. Behind the door is a cracked wall: use a Bomb or Bawb to destroy it. Go through the hole and turn left, then head downward. Stand on the red and blue blocks and hit the switches next to them to get on top of the wall. Walk up across the narrow beam and drop down by the door in the top left corner. Light your Lamp before going into the next room: it is too dark in there to see properly. Defeat all of the Red Eyegores to obtain a Small Key and create a warp point.

Return to the previous room and get back over the wall. Unlock Thief Girl’s cage with the Small Key and talk with her to gain her assistance. Now when you press A she will follow you, until you tell her to stop or go somewhere that she cannot. The door you originally entered through slams shut, forcing you to find another way around. Go to the other end of the room and maneuver Thief Girl onto one of the buttons. Press A while facing her to stop her from following you, then stand on the second button to open the door. Remember to lead Thief Girl again before entering the next room, or she will go back to her prison cell.

It’s quiet in the next room . . . too quiet. As you approach the exit, a group of Zazak appear. Don’t let them grab Thief Girl at any point in the dungeon, or you will wind up back in the room before this one. Unlock any shortcuts that you find, in case Thief Girl gets caught. Defeat all of the Zazak in this room and go downstairs.

Cross the bridge with Thief Girl, merge into the wall and step on the button on the other side to reveal another bridge. Merge into the wall and slip through the bars: Thief Girl cannot follow you so you will have to find another way around. Swim through the water and climb out when you reach a yellow grate leaning against the wall. Merge into the wall, get behind the grate and exit the wall to knock the grate over. Go and get Thief Girl using this makeshift bridge. Press the pair of buttons using the same strategy as before and some of the bars nearby will lower. Swim down and pull the lever to drain away all of the water. You can now reach the Treasure Chest behind the bars, which contains 100 Rupees.

Firstly, make sure that the blue blocks are lowered. If not, use the switches to bring them down. Then lead Thief Girl onto the blue blocks and hit the switch to raise yourselves up. Go left and leave Thief Girl standing on the red blocks. Merge with the wall by the red blocks and walk around to the opposite side. Knock down the yellow grate to make another bridge like before. Stand on the red blocks on this side and hit the switch to bring both sets of red blocks level with the top of the wall. Lead Thief Girl over the top of the wall and defeat all of the Zazak before any of them can grab her. Lastly, press the paired buttons as a team to reveal a shortcut, a Treasure Chest containing Master Ore and a lot of red Rupees.Then take the exit.

You have finally reached the other side of the room where you got the Monster Guts. Leave Thief Girl standing on the button by the door and use your merging ability to reach the button on the platform above. Step on your button to open the door, then rush down to save Thief Girl from the Zazak.

You can now return to the hallway that is full of the strange decorative objects. From this point onward you are in familiar territory. The door that shut when you freed Thief Girl is open again. It will stay open if she gets caught, meaning that you can now ignore the last few rooms.

Go to the room on the left with the big trapdoor. Yet more Zazak appear as you approach the exit. Hit the switch to spring the trap on them. Enter the next room and cross the first conveyor belt. More Zazak will ambush you in the middle of the room. Once they are dead, reverse the direction of the conveyor belt with a ranged weapon, or by leaving Thief Girl in the middle while you go to hit the switch with your sword. Cross the second conveyor belt and go upstairs.

Leave Thief Girl standing by the inactive fan on the left. Go over to the right side of the room and merge into the wall. Walk right as far as you can and exit the wall. Press the button to activate the fan on the right. Jump into the wind and ride it across the room. Press the next button to activate the fan by Thief Girl. She will be carried over to the platform on the far right. Follow her, then lead her into the fan on the right to reach the middle platform. Take the exit.

Press the paired buttons to reveal a Treasure Chest containing 100 Rupees and a special warp point that serves as a shortcut from the room below. As you walk through the next room, one last group of Zazak appear. Raise the bars quickly and you can protect Thief Girl from danger while you deal with the monsters at your leisure. Lower the bars and lead Thief Girl to the beginning of the dungeon.

Go to the back of the room and press the paired buttons to activate the moving screen. Walk up the steps and merge into the screen when it gets close. Exit the screen on the other side and take the Big Key from the Treasure Chest. Open the Boss Door and go inside. The door closes behind you, cutting you off from Thief Girl and trapping you inside with Stalblind.

9.4Boss: Stalblind

Stalblind is immune to attacks while he is transparent, and blocks direct attacks with his shield. If you think the shield looks familiar, that’s because it resembles the decorative objects in the room downstairs. Use an attack to make Stalblind raise his shield, then merge into it, being careful to avoid the swings of his huge sword. Jump out behind Stalblind and attack his exposed back. Move away to a safe distance afterward, as he counters by spewing inky black flames. As Stalblind takes more damage he will perform a follow up attack with his sword, trying to catch you off guard when you think it is safe.

Realising that his shield is not helping at all, Stalblind abandons it and goes berserk. He is now constantly vulnerable, but he is also faster and much more dangerous. Consider using projectile weapons during this phase, since he is much more dangerous up close. Keep out of range of his prolonged spin attack and take the opportunity to retaliate while he is recovering from the dizziness it causes him.

For the final phase, Stalblind’s head detaches and flies around the room spewing flames, providing a constant threat. The body drifts around aimlessly, swinging its sword only when it senses your attacks. Get in behind the body to avoid its sword swings and keep attacking until Stalblind falls.

Leave the room with Thief Girl and follow her into the house next door. The Heart Container that is your reward is in here, as well as Osfala’s painting. Releasing Osfala means that the Sand Rod is finally available in Ravio’s shop.

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