Chapter 8: Skull Woods
  1. 8.1 Reaching the Entrance
  2. 8.2 Getting the Compass
  3. 8.3 Watch out for the Wallmasters
  4. 8.4 The Big Key
  5. 8.5 Boss: The Knucklemaster

8.1Reaching the Entrance

The Skull Woods are cut off from the rest of Lorule, so to access them you must first return to Hyrule. There are several Fissures that can be used to reach the Skull Woods: one is behind Sahasrahla’s house in Kakariko Village; another is inside Rosso’s house near the Lost Woods; yet another is in the Lost Woods, on the back of a tall stone pillar. Whichever Fissure you use to travel to Lorule, head for the southeast entrance to the Skull Woods (the one surrounded by Hinox) and go inside. A Weather Vane marks the start of the dungeon. You don’t need any of Ravio’s items to complete the Skull Woods, but they can make your life easier.

8.2Getting the Compass

Upon entering the first room you are immediately chased by a Wallmaster. These enemies will hover above your head then attempt to grab you. If you get caught you will be returned to the point where you entered the dungeon. If you kill a Wallmaster, another one will appear soon afterward. Go straight through the door on the left into a long, dark room. Light the Lamp to help you see the Skull Rope and Gibdo lurking in the shadows. Setting fire to a Gibdo turns it into a Stalfos, which is less of a threat. Press the button at the far end of the room to unlock the exit and proceed to the next room.

To reach the exit you must dodge the enemies and revolving flame traps on the narrow walkway. Try to kill the Wallmaster first, as this will give you about 45 seconds of breathing space before it regenerates. The exit takes you outside into a new area of the woods. Walk around until you find a hole in the ground and jump into it. You will land in the room that you just left, but on a higher ledge. Wait for Wallmaster to appear and defeat it before getting on the moving platforms. If the Wallmaster reappears while you are riding the platforms, merge with the wall to avoid it. Disembark by the Treasure Chest and take the Small Key from inside.

The door to the next room slams shut behind you after you go through it. Light your Lamp to illuminate the walkway and follow it to the locked door on your right. Beware the Gibdos and Wallmasters on the way. Unlock the door and go through it, then go outside. Drop through the first hole in the ground that you come across to reach a Treasure Chest containing a Silver Rupee. Drop down and open the next Treasure Chest to get the Compass.

8.3Watch out for the Wallmasters

Take the exit and go outside the same way as before. Cut the large patch of grass to reveal another hole and drop down. Take the door to the next room.

Destroy the cracked floor and drop down. If you have neither the Hammer or the Bombs, the Wallmaster can smash it instead: just lure it over the cracked floor and run out of the way just before it pounds the ground. Press the button to lower the wall on your left and go up the steps. Destroy the second patch of cracked floor using the same tactics and take the Small Key from the Treasure Chest. Press the button to extend a bridge across the pit. Go across and unlock the exit. This brings you out onto a ledge in the very first room. Pull the lever to reveal a hidden door and go downstairs to floor B2.

Merge with the wall on the right and walk around to the other side of the pit. Keep an eye out for the Wallmaster and defeat it before doing anything else. Then find the four pressure pads near the pit. Grab one of the nearby statues and push it onto the far left pressure pad. A section of wall will slide out overhead. Push the second statue onto the pressure pad next to the first one. This should create an unbroken surface between the left and right walls. Go up the steps on the left and merge with the wall. Walk right along the surface that you have made to reach the exit. Pulling the lever by the door creates a shortcut, in case you get caught by a Wallmaster and have to start over.

Enter the next room and press the first button you see. The block next to you will start moving. Merge with the block and detach on the other side of the pit. Stand underneath the second button so that this room’s Wallmaster hits it for you. Merge with the block on the right, which is now moving. Wait until you reach the far side of the pit, then detach from the block. You can press the final button to create a shortcut through this room.

Enter the next room and press the button in the center to release several Moldorms and Gibdos. Defeat all of them without being caught by the Wallmaster. Defeat the Gibdos on top of the platforms by standing underneath, so that the Wallmaster pulverizes them. The doors will open and a Warp Point will appear. Move on to the next room.

Get on the platform and ride it left until it stops moving. It is possible to get all the way across before a Wallmaster appears. Get off by the locked door and go down the steps. Ride the second moving platform to the right and take the Small Key from the Treasure Chest. Go back to the locked door and open it.

You will find yourself in an enormous, dark room. Walk left, past the Boss Door. Light the torch at the far end to reveal two Gibdos. Defeat them to unlock the door nearby. The next room contains nothing except two eye-shaped statues, so head straight through and go upstairs to floor B1.

8.4The Big Key

Merge with the wall in front of you and slip through the cracks. Wait for the Wallmaster to appear and defeat it to get some breathing space. There are some statues here like the ones two rooms ago, except they have no eyeballs. In the top right corner of the room is one of the missing eyeballs. Merge with the wall to get around the pit, pick up the eyeball and throw it over to the other side. Stand on the purple markings on the floor and throw the eyeball into either one of the eye sockets. A bridge will appear nearby and the wall will slide away to reveal a big Treasure Chest. However, you cannot reach the Treasure Chest yet. Go down through the rest of the room, slip through the cracks in the wall and go outside.

The Treasure Chest on your left contains 50 Rupees. Grab it, then go up and right and cut the grass. Jump into the hole and you will land on a ledge in the room below. If the Wallmaster grabs you now, it will take you back to this point. The big Treasure Chest nearby contains a piece of Master Ore, which is worth getting. Merge with the wall and go over to where the second eyeball is. Pick it up and head right. Carrying the eyeball will slow you down to such a degree that the Wallmaster can easily catch you. If you cannot reach shelter in time, don’t be a hero! Drop the eyeball and run away, then come back and pick it up once the danger has passed.

Throw the eyeball across the first pit, merge with the wall and pick up the eyeball again on the other side. If you drop the eyeball in the pit it will just bounce out again. If you wait for the Wallmaster to appear and kill it you can buy yourself enough time to ride a platform across the second pit without interference. Alternatively, you can place the eyeball on a moving platform and just wait for it to arrive on the other side of the pit. Throw the eyeball into the empty eye socket to gain access to the Big Key. Go downstairs again and unlock the Boss Door.

8.5Boss: The Knucklemaster

The Boss of Skull Woods is the Knucklemaster. When it clenches its fist and glows, merge with a wall immediately. The Knucklemaster will punch the wall and stun itself instead of hitting you, leaving its eye vulnerable to your sword. Do this until it the battle enters the next phase.

The Knucklemaster will begin to hover above you like the Wallmasters and pound the ground, destroying weakened sections of floor. Avoid falling into the pit at all costs, as this usually causes the Boss to start the sequence from the beginning. It is easiest to dodge the blows by running into the gap between the thumb and index finger. After three consecutive smashes it will try to punch you again. Merge with the wall like before and strike its weak point when it falls down.

As the Knucklemaster takes more damage it will pound the ground more times before giving you an opportunity to stun it. By this point the floor is usually full of holes. If you have enough Hearts left it is better to take a few hits than to risk falling in the pit. After a few more swipes from your sword the Knucklemaster will fall.

Grab the Heart Container and take the exit. You may already have seen Seres’ painting as you walked through the woods; now you can release her so that she can awaken as a Sage.

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