Chapter 7: Swamp Palace
  1. 7.1 Destroying the Boulder
  2. 7.2 Getting the Compass
  3. 7.3 Playing with Water Levels
  4. 7.4 The Big Key
  5. 7.5 Boss: Arrghus

7.1Destroying the Boulder

To reach the Swamp Palace, just go south from the Vacant House in the center of Lorule. You can enter the dungeon with no difficulty at all, but the first room is flooded and you cannot proceed. Destroying the huge boulder in front of the building is the key to exploring further inside, but you need to obtain a much stronger explosive first.

Go northwest to Thieves’ Town (in the same region of Lorule as Kakariko Village is in Hyrule). Just south of the town is the Bomb Flower Store. Go into the shop and talk to the Bomb-Shop Man. Pay him 200 Rupees and he will allow you to go outside and take the Big Bomb Flower in his garden.

Stand by the Big Bomb Flower and press A to lead the Bomb Fruit around. Anything that hits the Bomb Fruit will cause it explode, including your own attacks. The exit is blocked by a massive boulder which resembles the one at the Swamp Palace. Move the Bomb Fruit up to the boulder and set off the explosion to demolish it.

There is another boulder near the Bomb Flower Store, which can be destroyed in the same way as the others. In the cave behind the boulder is the home of the Great Rupee Fairy. By throwing 3,000 Rupees into her fountain you can get a Bottle, so you may want to come back here later.

Pick another Bomb Fruit and lead it east toward the Swamp Palace. All of the enemies you encounter along the way can destroy the Bomb Fruit, or cause you to hit it accidentally. Avoid enemies where possible and try to fight from a distance. There is another boulder around here: in the cave behind it is a Silver Rupee, which is well worth picking up. You will have to go back to get another Bomb Fruit afterward.

At one point you pass close to the Swamp Palace, before turning north again. If you have already been to the Desert Palace and retrieved the Titan Mitt then you can lift the heavy rock on this screen and get to your objective much faster. However, this is not generally considered to be the simplest order to complete the game’s dungeons in.

Go past the Vacant House and turn south toward the Swamp Palace. Get past the final enemies without the Bomb Fruit exploding and you can set it off next to the boulder, causing the water that was blocking access to the rest of the dungeon to drain away. A minor side effect is that you can no longer swim over to the entrance.

Rent or buy the Hookshot from Ravio and shoot it at the wooden posts by the entrance to get across.

7.2Getting the Compass

The first room contains no obstacles now that the water is gone. Enter the second room and shoot the Hookshot at the lever on the opposite wall. Once the Hookshot has latched onto the lever, pull backward until water starts flowing into the pit. Swim to the other side and enter the third room.

Both the Boss Door and the Treasure Chest containing the Big Key are in this room, but the water level is too low to do anything about them. There are also some other doors that are out of reach. You can take either the left or the right path and you will end up in the same place eventually. Both rooms also contain Treasure Chests, which are unreachable until the water level rises.

If you choose the right fork, you will go downstairs to a room full of fast moving water. Look down and use the Hookshot to pull yourself over to the pillar. Use any ranged weapon to activate the switch on the left and turn off the water fountains. Go up the steps to get a Small Key.

The left fork goes down to a room containing a large pool of water. The Treasure Chests can be reached by standing on the raft and firing the Hookshot at the various pillars to pull yourself across the water. You can shoot in any direction, including diagonally, so there is no need to work out a precise method for getting the treasure.

Go down to the next room to get some hidden treasure. Walk up the steps and stop just before the arrow trap. Take out a Bomb, step forward between shots from the trap and throw the Bomb at the switch in the middle of the pit. If you don’t have Bombs, use the Hookshot to steal the shell from the Gyorm and throw that instead. If you activate the switch, a Treasure Chest containing a Gold Rupee (300) will appear.

The door on the right leads to a small room containing the Compass.

7.3Playing with Water Levels

Now head to the right. At this point the left and right paths rejoin. Make sure you have the Small Key and enter the room on the left. Open the locked door and enter the next room.

Hit the switch nearby to change the direction of the water slide, filling the first pool with water and enabling you to go right. The water will carry you into the pool; climb out and shoot the switch on the right with the Hookshot. This will activate another water slide and fill the pool on the left side of the room. Go up the steps and merge with the wall on the right. Cross over to the water slide and let it carry you back to the other side of the room. Swim to the left side of the pool and go up the steps. Drop down by the final switch and hit it to fill the pool by the exit with water. Merge with the wall to get off the ledge and swim to the exit on the right.

Back on the first floor, you must face off against a Gigabari: basically the same as the smaller Yellow Bari you have seen in the dungeon, but much bigger. Attack from a distance and it is no problem whatsoever. You can even pick up the skulls that litter the floor and throw them at the Gigabari to damage it without draining your Energy Gauge. Upon death it splits into many Yellow Biris. Defeat them carefully to unlock the doors and create a warp point in the center of the room.

The doors on the left and right go to the unreachable areas of the rooms from earlier. Ignore the door on the right – it ultimately leads to a locked door – and go left. Step on the button to open shortcuts in both rooms. Destroy the cracked section of floor using a Bomb, or by attacking the Bawb hovering nearby and drop through the hole. Use the Hookshot to grab the Small Key from the nearby platform and unlock the door nearby.

Examine the contraption in the center of the next room. The Hookshot can grab hold of the handles on either side; the blue bars on the top indicate the water level. Shoot the Hookshot at the handle on the left and pull back to lower the water level. Swim through the door above and dive underneath the rolling spike trap. Open the big Treasure Chest to get the Blue Mail, which halves the damage you take. Go back to the previous room and swim through the door on the left.

You are locked inside the next room. If you step onto the platform in the center, the Beamos will activate and fire a laser beam in a circle around itself. This is one way to get rid of all the Skull Ropes, but you will be hurt too unless you dive underwater. Once the platform is free of Skull Ropes, climb out behind the Beamos. Watch the laser beam to see which direction it goes in and run ahead of it. Fire the Hookshot at the lever on the left and pull it to unlock the exit before the laser beam catches up with you. Go to the next room.

Firstly, drop off the ledge and step on the button to open the exit. Then go back up the steps and stand on the Hookshot mark. Face upward and shoot the Hookshot at the unusual square patch on the wall. The Hookshot will latch onto the wall and slam you into it. Watch carefully and press the A button when you see the cue to merge with the wall. Walk left to the next ledge before your energy depletes. Stand on the Hookshot mark on the right and pull the handle twice to raise the water level to the maximum. Take the Small Key from the Treasure Chest, then lower the water level once and take the exit.

7.4The Big Key

Back in the large room near the beginning of the dungeon, the water level is now a bit higher. If you still have the Tornado Rod you can put out the flames around the Treasure Chest and get the Big Key, although there is another way later. The higher water level makes it possible to reach the Treasure Chests in the rooms on the left and right as well. Monster Guts are the only thing in the Treasure Chest on the right, but there is a Small Key in the left side room. This should give you two Small Keys in total.

Drop down into the basement through the hole that you blew in the floor earlier. Enter the room with the first contraption and raise the water level to the maximum. You need at least one Small Key to unlock the door on the bottom right. The other key opens the door on the top right and ii not strictly necessary.

The door locks behind you when you enter the next room. Defeat all of the Gyorbs to unlock the doors and to make a target for the Hookshot appear. Gyorbs are invincible unless you use the Hookshot to pull them out of their shells. Before you leave you might want to check out the small room above, as it contains several Fairies. When you are done, use the Hookshot to cross over to the exit.

Locked in again! There are two contraptions for changing the water level in here. Swim to the platform in the middle of the water and stand on the Hookshot mark at the top of the steps. Pull yourself toward the wall on the left and merge with it like you did before. Go left to reach the first contraption and lower the water level. Jump down and press the button that opens the way out. You cannot reach the first contraption anymore, so use the one on the right to raise the water level to medium height. Return to the first contraption and raise the water level to the maximum so that you can reach the exit.

The rising water has doused the flames around the big Treasure Chest but has also submerged it. Swim to the Boss Door and climb onto the platform to the right. Smash all of the skulls to reveal a button, which raises the floor up around the Boss Door. Lower the water level to medium height using the contraption on the left and take the Big Key from the Treasure Chest. Head up the steps and open the door to Arrghus’ room.

7.5Boss: Arrghus

A cluster of eyeballs protects Arrghus’ weak point from your attacks. Direct attacks will not damage the eyeballs as long as they are surrounded by jelly. You can pull the eyeballs off using the Hookshot and destroy them with a few sword swings. Occasionally Arrghus will fire one or two of the eyeballs, which will keep going until they hit a wall. The eyeballs will turn yellow when Arrghus is preparing this attack. This phase is pretty similar to the Arrghus in a Link to the Past.

Once all of the eyeballs are gone, Arrghus will begin to attack aggressively. It will leap into the air and try to land on top of you three times. You can counterattack in the brief time between jumps. Arrghus follows this with a round of laser beams. The beams do not hurt you directly, but they cause powerful explosions a few seconds after they hit the water. Focus on avoiding the explosions rather than attacking, until Arrghus starts jumping again. Repeat the cycle until the boss falls.

Enter the final room and release Oren from her painting. Leave the Chamber of Sages and you will return to the entrance of the Swamp Palace.

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