Chapter 6: Dark Palace
  1. 6.1 Approaching the Dark Palace
  2. 6.2 The Maze
  3. 6.3 Getting the Compass
  4. 6.4 The Big Key
  5. 6.5 Reaching the Boss
  6. 6.6 Boss: The Gemesaur King

6.1Approaching the Dark Palace

In order to reach the area of Lorule where the Dark Palace is located, go east from the Lorule Blacksmith’s house, past Lorule Castle, then south. In front of the abandoned house is another Fissure between the worlds. Go through it to return to Hyrule. You will need Bombs in the Dark Palace, so now would be a good time to rent or buy them.

Go east from Ravio’s shop and across the bridge. Go north to the rocky area filled with Octoroks and look for the stone pillar with the bird emblem on the top. Merge with the back of the pillar and you will find another Fissure. Head through the Fissure and go south, east and north from here to reach the outskirts of the Dark Palace.

6.2The Maze

Surrounding the Dark Palace is a maze patrolled by Lorulean guards. If you enter a guard’s field of vision you will be thrown into a prison cell near the entrance. However, the ability to merge with walls allows you to escape the cell and evade the guards. There are several Maiamais in the maze so keep an eye out for them. Once you beat the dungeon all of the guards will disappear, so you can afford to ignore the treasure lying on the ground.

Merge with the wall next to the prison cell and walk until you are out of sight of the first guard. Emerge from the wall and take cover behind the wall up ahead; the guards will not spot you here. Merge with the wall and go around to the opposite side. Wait until both guards have their backs to you and emerge from the wall, then run up before they turn around.

There is an optional Treasure Chest containing 20 rupees on top of a wall. You can reach it by merging with the wall and walking behind the guard. Wait until the guard is looking straight ahead to avoid being seen.

Approach the path that goes north, taking care not to be seen by the guard walking up and down it. Another guard is doing the same thing further along the path. Merge with the wall on the left side and walk up until you hit an obstruction. Wait until both guards are facing away from you, then switch to the opposite wall. Walk up until you hit another obstruction and do the same thing again. Move up and get out of sight of the guards before you emerge.

Around the corner is another prison cell. If you get caught from this point onward you will be thrown in here. This is effectively the halfway point of the maze.

Stop at the bottom of the stairs to the right of the cell. There are two guards up there and very little cover. The first guard is walking in a circle at the top of the stairs and is quite easy to avoid. The easiest route is to immediately go down, merge with the pillar that blocks the path and walk around to the opposite side. Then wait until the second guard is looking away from you and sneak past. The other option is to go right over the narrow walkway, being careful not to fall off. It is possible to collect the Piece of Heart nearby without getting caught.

The next guard is standing still, but looking up and down every few seconds. Merge with the wall on the right and walk down until you are out of sight. Head right, walk behind the next guard and go up.

There are two guards walking backward and forward and another one further up watching a large area. When the pair of guards are facing away from you, run up to the wall in the center and merge with it. Make your way to either the left or right side of the wall. When none of the guards are looking in your direction, emerge and run up to the wall at the top. Merge quickly and sneak past the third guard. Go down the steps and merge with the wall; don’t be tempted by the rupees lying on the ground as they are very hard to collect without being seen. From here you can easily sneak past the guard. Congratulations, you got through the maze!

6.3Getting the Compass

At first glance there is no way inside the dungeon, but look closer and you will see a crack in the wall. If you don’t have Bombs you need to go and rent them now. Plant a Bomb by the wall and let it explode to reveal the entrance.

There is a bombable wall at the back of the first room which leads to a Treasure Chest containing 5 rupees. Go back to the previous room and find the switch on the left side. Plant a Bomb next to the switch and run onto the platform in the middle of the room. When the Bomb explodes and activates the switch, the platform will carry you to the other side of the pit. After a few seconds it will return to its original location. Stand in front of the closed door, face right and take out a Bomb. Pick it up and throw it onto the ledge on your right to let in light, which activates the eye-shaped switch and opens the door.

The next room is extremely dark and you cannot see very well without the Lamp. There are markers on the wall throughout the dungeon that serve as hints, but they can only be seen in the dark. Go to the top left corner of the room and step on the button to make a Small Key appear. The platform it lands on is only visible if you extinguish your Lamp. Before you collect the Small Key, plant a Bomb on the sunlit patch of floor. When the light shines through the newly made hole, something glints in the room below. Merge with the wall and walk down to the lower left corner to get the Small Key, then unlock the door to the next room.

The next room contains a rolling ball trap, like the Eastern Palace, but this time you can merge with the wall and completely ignore it. To get the Compass, take the door on the left. Stand on the elevator and throw Bombs at the switches on the left and right to make the Treasure Chest containing the Compass appear. There is a secret area full of Fairies that can be accessed from this room: place a Bomb on top of the elevator just as it reaches its highest point and you will blow a hole in the wall as it descends.

6.4The Big Key

Take the door on the right and do the same again in the next room. The three Goriya in this room mimic your movements. The ordinary variety are easy to beat, but the Red Goriya is stronger and can breathe fire, so you don’t want to face it head on. You can place a Bomb and easily lead the Red Goriya into its blast radius. Defeat them all to unlock the doors and activate the elevator.

This room contains two secret passages to the same room: one behind the elevator and another behind a bombable wall on the ledge above. The top passage leads to a Treasure Chest with 50 rupees inside. The lower half of the room has a Treasure Chest holding a Monster Tail. There is also a path to the room below: use a Bomb to destroy the floor in the top right corner and drop onto on an otherwise unreachable ledge in the room below. A Monster Horn is in the Treasure Chest. There is also a compartment full of rupees underneath the ledge that can be accessed by bombing the wall.

All of the floors in this room are invisible in the light, so unequip the Lamp and watch out for the shadows of enemies. You will find a Small Key in the top right corner. Go into the room below – which contains the Boss Door – and unlock the door on the right.

Three Goriya are waiting on a platform above your head; manoeuvre them into the hole in the center to bring them down to your level. When all of the Goriya are dead the elevator will activate and a warp point to the entrance will appear. Take the exit on the platform above and merge with the wall by the doorframe. Walk around to the opposite side of the room and hit the switch to move a wall. The reason will become apparent later.

Go to the top left room on this floor to get another Small Key. The room contains a maze that is only visible in the dark. Use your merging ability to slip through gaps between the walls. Go to the upper left corner and stand on the button to make a Treasure Chest appear in the lower left corner of the room. Take the Small Key from the Treasure Chest and go back to the previous room. Unlock the door on the left and go inside. Stand on the moving platform and throw a Bomb toward each switch on the left as they come into range. When all three switches have been activated, a Treasure Chest containing the Big Key will appear.

6.5Reaching the Boss

Head back up to the first floor and look for a cracked piece of floor to the right of the ball trap. Destroy the floor with a Bomb and drop through the hole into the basement. Grab the final Small Key and go back upstairs. Unlock the door nearby and ascend to the second floor. There does not appear to be any way to access the areas on the left and right, but don’t be fooled: hitting the switch in the middle of the room causes sections of wall to rotate. Plant a Bomb next to the switch and merge with the wall on the right. When the Bomb detonates you will end up on the other side of the wall. If you destroy the cracked floor in the corner you can reach a Treasure Chest containing 50 rupees in the room below.

Enter the next room and take a moment to inspect your surroundings. The room looks empty, except for a switch up on a ledge. Throwing a Bomb onto the ledge will activate the switch and open the door to the next room for a short time. However, when you start to walk on the floor it will rapidly disappear, giving you just enough time to stop, aim and throw your Bomb. If you get it wrong, go back to the previous room and re-enter. If you get stuck on the far side of the pit, merge with the wall to get back across.

The largest room on the second floor is full of boarded-up windows. Letting some light in through the windows is necessary to activate all of the eye switches in the basement. Find the switch at the lower half of the room and hit it while standing on the elevator nearby. You will be lifted up to the ledge above. Go right to find a boarded-up window and use a Bomb to clear it. Go up a few steps to find another window and do the same thing. Jump off the ledge and go to the left side of the room. The final window is impossible to reach, even by merging with the wall, but you can still throw a Bomb up there.

This room also hides a piece of Master Ore. Refer to the Master Ore guide for details.

Make your way back to the basement. The unexplored room on the left is the easiest route. It is identical to the room on the right, except the floor starts vanishing from the bottom up rather than the top down. Since you don’t need to hit the switch you can run straight through to the first room. Get back into the center of the room using the same method you used to get out. Return to the basement floor. Now that light is shining on all of the eye switches, the barriers will move out of your way.

6.6Boss: The Gemesaur King

Equip the Lamp and Bombs and enter the Boss’ chamber.

Light the torches in the corners and the Gemesaur King will appear. He will wander around and occasionally shoot projectiles at you (this is preceded by spinning his tail around). Throw Bombs at him to destroy his gem encrusted armor. When his mask finally splits, strike the gem on his forehead with the Master Sword, staying out of range of his counterattacks. After a few hits he will extinguish the torches and charge around the room. Stay close to the walls and turn into a painting whenever he gets too close. Make your way to both of the torches and relight them to calm him down.

Return to slashing the Gemesaur King’s head until he goes berserk again. This time he will charge even faster, so you must choose your moments carefully and light both torches to calm him down. Move in close and deliver the final blows. Free Gulley from his painting to awaken him as a Sage. When you have finished you will be returned to the front of the Dark Palace.

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