Chapter 5: Hyrule Castle
  1. 5.1 Obtaining the Master Sword
  2. 5.2 Entering Hyrule Castle
  3. 5.3 Dealing with Yuga

5.1Obtaining the Master Sword

Now that you have all of the Pendants, you can claim the Master Sword. You will find it in the Lost Woods. One entrance is north of Kakariko Village, near the Fortune Teller’s house. The second entrance is to the left of Rosso’s house. Both lead to the same place. Once you are in the Lost Woods, find a path through a fallen tree trunk that goes to the left. Go up to enter the next area of the forest, then go up again.

The next clearing is filled with Poes. Instead of attacking you, they offer to show you the way through the Lost Woods, but only if you solve their puzzle. One of them will shake while they talk to you, then they will all swap places. After doing this three times they will leave by different exits. Follow the one that shook and you will reach a new area. Follow any of the others and you will be taken back to the beginning. The route is randomised, so taking same path twice may yield different results. If you get it wrong, there will be one less Poe next time. If you fail a second time, another Poe will disappear. The third time’s the charm!

Once you get the correct path, proceed to the next clearing. All of the Poes are back again and this time it’s is a little bit different. Two Poes will shake at the start: you must not take the exits that those two take. As before, Poes will disappear if you fail. Move on to the final clearing, where you have to do the same thing again with three Poes. This should not give you much trouble now that you have had some practice. Take the correct route and you will emerge in the Master Sword’s meadow, where you can draw the legendary blade from its pedestal..

5.2Entering Hyrule Castle

Once you have the Master Sword, meet Sahasrahla in front of Hyrule Castle. Use the Master Sword to destroy the dark magic barrier over the door and enter the castle. Go up either staircase and head out onto the battlements. Go through the big door in the center to begin climbing the tower.

The first room has nothing of interest, but in the second room is a Ball and Chain Soldier. This enemy swings his weapon around repeatedly, then pulls it back before throwing it at you. A basic strategy for beating him is to run up when the ball is behind him and land one blow with the Master Sword, making him stagger. He will retaliate, but you can run to the side to avoid the attack. Defeat him and the doors will unlock. Fight through the soldiers in the next room to reach the stairs to the 3rd floor.

As you enter the first room on the 3rd floor, the door slams shut and a mob of soldiers descends on you. The Throwing Spear Soldier on top of the ledge is particularly dangerous, although he can only throw spears as far as the first series of steps. Clear out all the soldiers to unlock the doors, including the spear thrower (merge with the wall to reach him).

The second room appears to be safe, until you approach the exit. The doors slam shut and the Armos in the room come to life. Destroy them all to unlock the doors and proceed. You will find yourself on a balcony outside the castle. The only points of interest are some Hearts and Rupees that you can collect. Walk to the other end of the balcony and go through the door to reach the 4th floor.

5.3Dealing with Yuga

On the 4th floor you witness the confrontation between Zelda and Yuga, where Zelda is captured. Defeat the soldiers that Yuga summons (keep off the stairs because you fight properly on them) and head up to the next floor. Avoid the bombs being thrown at you by the soldier and go outside. There is another balcony like the one before, with another door leading back inside. Avoid the bombs again and fight your way through the soldiers to reach the stairs to the 6th floor.

The first room on the 6th floor contains soldiers and archers. The archers can only hit you when you are on the bridge in this room, so draw out the the soldiers and fight them where you are safe from arrows. It is not necessary to fight all the enemies: just reach the exit on the right. Another balcony is next, although this time there are enemies out here. Go inside again and take the stairs up to the 7th floor. Replenish any missing Hearts with the ones on the walls and take either door to the last room. Go through the big door to face Yuga. If you are not ready, you can take the warp point back to the entrance.

Yuga keeps creating two clones of himself as decoys. Attacking a clone will cause a Soldier to appear in its place. Look closely and you will see the real Yuga carries a flaming staff. His most common attack fills the room with lightning, leaving only small areas safe. Alternatively, he can make fire erupt from the walls, or create Soldiers to fight you.

Yuga and his clones will jump out of the walls and launch an attack. Find the real one and hit him. With more weapons available there are more ways to fight him than last time, so use whatever works for you. After taking several hits he will fly into a rage and attack harder and faster. His lightning bolts become very difficult to avoid unless you hit him quickly and reduce the number of them. Repeat this process until he runs away.

Follow Yuga outside and cross the bridge to reach Princess Zelda’s study. Chop down the banner at the back of the room to reveal a sinister Fissure in the wall. Merge with the wall and go through the Fissure to journey into Lorule for the very first time. Exit the room on the other side of the portal and head for the tower at the other end of the bridge. Brace yourself for a cutscene in the next room – it’s a major one! You wake up afterward in the Lorule Blacksmith’s house, with the task of rescuing the Seven Sages looming ahead of you.

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