Chapter 4: Tower of Hera
  1. 4.1 Reaching Death Mountain
  2. 4.2 Navigating the Caves
  3. 4.3 Inside the Dungeon
  4. 4.4 Heading up the Tower
  5. 4.5 The Big Key
  6. 4.6 Boss: Moldorm

4.1Reaching Death Mountain

To enter the Tower of Hera you will need to rent the Hammer from Ravio. You might want to wait until you have activated the Weather Vane outside the dungeon, in case you die on the way up Death Mountain and lose your items. On the other hand, the Hammer could make the climb a lot easier and the rental price is only 20 rupees for a limited time. The decision is yours.

The path to Death Mountain starts in the Northwest of Hyrule. From the Sanctuary, go left one screen and up two screens. In the top right of this area, near the Lost Woods, is a house surrounded by rocks. Go inside to find Rosso. Talk to him and he will give you the Power Glove, allowing you to pick up small rocks. If you feel like it, clear all of the rocks outside his house and he will give you 50 rupees.

Leave Rosso’s house and head down to the next screen. Find the cave on the right hand side and move the rocks that are blocking the entrance. The only obstacles in the cave are a few Moldorms, which are easy to defeat as long as you anticipate their quick movements. Go straight through the cave and out the other side to reach Death Mountain.

4.2Navigating the Caves

As soon as you leave the cave, Death Mountain starts to erupt. You will have to avoid the balls of fire raining down as well as the enemies running around as you make your way to the top. Go down from the cave mouth and across the bridge. If you have the Hammer you can smash a path through the big boulders. If not, just go around them. Activate the Weather Vane then enter the cave behind it.

Go up the steps and turn right, where boulders continuously roll toward you. You can avoid them by merging with the wall, plus you are completely safe when standing on the steps. It is possible to smash the boulders with the Hammer, but you need good timing to avoid being flattened. Go right to the second set of steps, then go left. Go up the third set of steps and merge with the wall to cross the gaps on the right. Go up the final set of steps and merge with the wall to cross the gap on the left. Keep going left, but make sure that there is a wall to merge with when the boulders come along. Cross the bridge and leave the cave.

Go left and enter the next cave. The boulders in here can roll down the steps, so these are no longer safe places. Go right past two sets of steps to where there are rocks lying on the ground. This area is free from boulders. Move the rocks with the Power Glove and go up the steps on the right. Go right again and up the next set of steps: this area is safe as well. Go up the two sets of steps that are closest to you, watching for boulders this time. Run right to reach the exit, still looking out for boulders.

The final cave is only a short distance to the left. Inside, go across the bridge and up the stairs, then wait for a boulder to roll past you. Go right when it’s safe, then stop before the next set of steps. Now you have to keep moving: go up, left, up right, up, left and up to reach the highest level in the cave as quickly as possible. You will have to dodge lots of boulders, but if you manage your Energy Gauge carefully you will make it. It is a little bit safer at the top, but you still have to dodge boulders. Go left and you will reach the exit.

Outside the cave, merge with the cliff face and walk to the ledge on the other side. Keep going right to reach the Tower of Hera. If you haven’t rented the Hammer already, activate the Weather Vane and head back to Ravio’s shop to get it. Use the Hammer to drive the posts into the ground and you can go inside the dungeon.

4.3Inside the Dungeon

Note: The Hammer is important for clearing this dungeon. If you fall in battle, make sure you rent it from Ravio again before you return.

In the first room, use the hammer to smash the Moles and make your way to the north end of the room using the switches. Then smash the Moles surrounding the platform in the left corner. Stand on top of them to be flung onto the platform. At this point you merge into the wall and can go right to get an optional purple rupee. To continue on, go to the left after merging and exit onto the platform and continue until you reach the blade trap. Merge into the wall here and move across to the platform on the other side. Move north until you reach another platform. Use the Moles to fling yourself up and then use the next large Mole to fling yourself to the next floor.

On subsequent floors, be wary of Hardhat Beetles and Bumpers that can knock you off of the floor you are on. After getting onto 2F, move to the middle and drop down to where you can see a chest which contains the Compass.

4.4Heading up the Tower

Once you’ve grabbed the compass, use the hammer on the large Mole to get back to 2F. Then move to the left side and use the large Mole there to get to 3F. Once on 3F use the switches and the walls they create to get to the raised platform in the middle and grab the small key. Use that key to open the door on the far right of 3F.

Once outside, ride the platforms and use your merging to work your way around the tower to the entrance on the opposite side. Once inside, hit the switch to lower the wall and use the large Mole to reach 5F. On 5F stand on the top of the lowered wall while hitting the switch to reach the other side and open the chest to receive a blue rupee. Then, stand on top of the lowered wall and hit the switch in order to be at the correct level to merge into the wall and leave through the bars in the wall.

Once again, ride the platforms and use your merging to work your way around the tower to the entrance on the opposite side. Inside, fight the Stalfos to reveal the warp point and activate the platform that will take Link to 7F.

Once on 7F, use the switches to move toward the top left of the room. Use the hammer on the cracked ground to reveal a small key and a large Mole below you. Drop down to get the key and use the Mole to get back up (Optionally, there is a chest containing monster guts under the cracked floor in the top right). Use the key to open the door on the far left of the room.

4.5The Big Key

Outside the tower, use the platforms and the large Moles on them to make your way upwards and around the tower. Enter the tower on the south side (Optionally, drop down to the platform on the right of the entrance to get a silver rupee). Once inside, avoid the flying tiles. After the tiles are gone, the platform in the center will begin to move up and down. Use it to get to the next floor (Optionally, drop below the platform to find fairies and a chest with a purple rupee. Use the warp tile to get back to the floor above).

On the next floor, avoid the Bumpers and Hardhat Beetles while hitting the switches in the north, south, east, and west parts of the platform (If you fall down, make your way back up using the large Moles). Once the switches are hit, a platform with a large Mole will descend for you to use to get to the next level. On 11F, use the large Mole on the right to get to the chest containing the Big Key and the large Mole on the left to access the huge door. Use the Moles to work your way to the final floor containing the boss, Moldorm.

4.6Boss: Moldorm

Defeat Moldorm by hitting its tail while avoiding getting hit or knocked off the platform. Once you defeat it, claim your heart container.

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