Chapter 3: House of Gales
  1. 3.1 Getting the Flippers
  2. 3.2 Preparing for the House of Gales
  3. 3.3 Inside the Dungeon
  4. 3.4 The Big Key
  5. 3.5 Fan Fever
  6. 3.6 Boss: Margomill

3.1Getting the Flippers

The House of Gales is located in the middle of Lake Hylia, so unless you can swim there is no way to reach it. You’re going to need the Flippers from Zora’s Domain. To get there, go east from your house then take the bridge to the north. You’ll meet Irene halfway across the bridge, who will give you the ability to fast travel to any Weather Vane you have discovered. She gives you the Bell so you can call her whenever you need her.

Follow the river north and east until you reach the Witch’s Shop. Merge with the wall near the Zora and cross the gap. Go east to the next area, then north to Zora’s Domain. As you approach the waterfall, the Shady Guy bursts out of a hidden cave and runs away. Enter the cave to learn that he has stolen the precious Smooth Gem from the Zora Queen, Oren. Get it back and you will earn the Zoras’ gratitude.

You can find the Shady Guy in Kakariko Village. Unfortunately he has already sold the Smooth Gem to the Street Merchant, who will only sell it for 200 Rupees. You can find 100 Rupees in the building to the left of Sahasrahla’s house if you need more money: use your merging ability to get behind the bars. You can get some compensation from the Shady Guy though: merge with the wall that he is leaning against and jump out behind him to give him a shock. He will give you his Pegasus Boots to atone for his crime.

Once you have bought the Smooth Gem, return to Zora’s Domain. Go back up to the waterfall and reenter the cave. Approach the queen and agree to throw the Smooth Gem into the her pool. She will recover from her predicament and give you the Flippers as thanks.

3.2Preparing for the House of Gales

Before you go to Lake Hylia, return to your house. Ravio has turned it into a shop where you can rent items. Later in the game you will be able to buy items outright so that you won’t lose them if you die. For now all you need is the Tornado Rod, which you can rent for 20 rupees (if you die and have to rent it again the price will be 50 rupees).

On a side note, you can access many new areas by renting Bombs from Ravio. An important secret is near the entrance to Lake Hylia. Blow up the suspicious wall with a sign in front of it to find Mother Maiamai. In exchange for finding her lost children she will upgrade your items to more powerful forms.

As you leave your house, you see the Blacksmith’s Wife walk past. Go west, then south, then north to the Haunted Grove. If you have played A Link To The Past you may know this as Flute Boy’s old location. On the tree stump in the center of the meadow is Gulley’s Pouch. Pick it up and you will enter a cutscene with the Blacksmith’s Wife. She lets you keep Gulley’s Pouch, enabling you to equip items to the X button as well as the Y button. This isn’t essential, but it is very useful.

Go to Lake Hylia and swim to the island in the center. Use the Tornado Rod to clear away the gray tiles on the ground. This reveals the switch that you must stand on to open the door of the dungeon. When you’re ready, enter the dungeon.

3.3Inside the Dungeon

In the first room, smash the pots in front of the ledge to reveal a button. Step on the button to activate fans in the walls. Jump into the path of a fan using the Tornado Rod and it will carry you onto the ledge. From there, enter the next room.

Look to the right of the door. Below you is a switch: drop down and hit it to lower a barrier on the right. Head back up to where you dropped down and merge with the wall to get across the gap. Light both torches on the way to reveal a Treasure Chest containing 20 Rupees. Enter the room on the right. You are locked inside and several Fire Bubbles appear. Extinguish their flames with the Tornado Rod and strike them with your sword before they recover. Open the Treasure Chest to get a Small Key. Return to the previous room and open the locked door on the left side.

There is a block in the next room that is moving backward and forward. Wait for it to get close and merge with the side of it. Without moving, let it carry you to the next platform then detach from it. Defeat the Green Bari and take the Compass from the Treasure Chest.

3.4The Big Key

Merge with the wall behind the Treasure Chest (where there is a painting of a Rupee) and go left. The aim is to get onto the block that is moving left and right: you need to be on the left side in order to get onto the next section of floor in time. Now all you have to do is walk up the steps and ride the two moving blocks to the exit. You can create a shortcut by standing on the button before you leave the room.

Back in the previous room again, step on the button to activate a fan in the wall. Jump into the wind using the Tornado Rod and let it carry you onto the platform at the back of the room. Follow the platform to the right and merge with the wall. Head right and emerge on top of the next ledge. Hit the switch to activate the big fan in the middle of the floor. Note that the switch can be hit from other spots in the room if you have a ranged weapon, like the Bow. Run into the fan to ascend to the second floor.

When you reach the second floor, the path is blocked by a rolling trap. Follow it as it rolls away from you, then use the Tornado Rod to jump over it as it rolls back again. Go down the steps and smash the pots to reveal a button: step on it to make a Small Key appear on the end of a beam. You can’t get it from here, so go into the room on the right. Defeat the enemies that pop up as you walk through the room and take the next open door. Merge with the small area of wall by the doorframe and walk right to reach the Small Key. Jump down and unlock the door in the south wall to get outside.

Drop off the right side of the platform and pull the lever that is the furthest to the right to make a Treasure Chest appear. Defeat the Armos that come alive and open the Treasure Chest to get the Big Key.

More Armos will activate and a ring of fire will encircle you after you do this. The Tornado Rod will extinguish the flames, so all that’s left to do is defeat the Armos. A door will open to let you back inside.

3.5Fan Fever

Head back outside again and this time go left. Pull the lever on the far left to activate a moving platform. Use the Tornado Rod with good timing so that you drop onto the top of the moving platform and let it carry you to the left. Merge with the wall by the locked door and go left to reach an area on the west side of the building. Stand on the button to make a Small Key appear inside a ring of fire nearby. Head back and blow out the flames to get the Small Key. Go back up to the locked door and open it with the Small Key.

You are locked inside the next room with a pair of Heedles. Cool down their fiery bodies with the Tornado Rod and attack them before they can recover. Do this until you have beaten both of them. The doors will open and a portal to the entrance will appear. Take the door on the right to return to the central room.

A fan blocks off access to most of the room, so take the upper left door. This brings you to a room full of stationary fans. You need to stand on the correct buttons, or you will be carried back to the entrance by the wind. If this happens, leave the room to reset the fans and go back in. The first button is the one on the left. The next button is the uppermost of the two that are available. The final button is also the uppermost one. Take the exit and go right. Hit the switch to stop all the fans in the room and take the upper right door.

Go up the steps and drop down to the area below. Defeat the Eyegore and step on the button to activate a moving platform in the air above. Merge with the wall on the right to get around the pit and take the upper left door. Take the upper right door again. Where you dropped down before, instead merge with the wall to reach the moving platform. Hit the switch as you float past to activate the big fan in the floor. Run into the fan to reach the third floor.

In the first room on the top floor, merge with the wall on the right and go right to get around the fans. Detach from the wall and enter the second room. Defeat the Eyegore, then light both torches with the Lamp to open the door on the left. When you enter the next room, the door locks behind you and the room fills with Fire Bubbles. Drop off the ledge and defeat them all to open the doors. A Treasure Chest containing 50 Rupees will appear on the ledge by the entrance, but there is no way to reach it unless you go full circle through the other rooms. Take the door on the right and merge with the wall to get around the pit. You will now be back in the first room. Take the Small Key from the Treasure Chest and unlock the door in the second room.

Get on the moving platform and ride it until it stops. Watch the next platform. When it starts moving toward you, use the Tornado Rod to hover in the air and you should land on the second platform. Be careful not to get hit by the Red Bari, which always seem to be in the most inconvenient place possible. Open the Boss Door to confront Margomill.

3.6Boss: Margomill

Touching Margomill won’t hurt you, but falling into the pit surrounding the arena will, so avoid being knocked around. Margomill moves in straight lines so it is fairly predictable, but it will get faster as the fight goes on. Use the Tornado Rod as Margomill gets close to stun it and land on top of its head. Strike its eye with your sword until you get thrown off.

Margomill responds by calling up two more sections for its body, turning it into a tower. Keep out of its way and slash at the Boss’ body five times to remove each section. When all of the sections are gone it will become vulnerable to the Tornado Rod again, allowing you to hurt it some more.

Not to be outdone, Margomill summons up four more sections. Use the same strategy as before to bring it down to your level and stun it with the Tornado Rod. Attack with your sword again to finish it off. Collect your prizes – a Heart Container and the Pendant of Wisdom – and leave the dungeon to continue with your quest.

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