Chapter 2: Eastern Palace
  1. 2.1 Entering the Palace
  2. 2.2 Inside the Eastern Palace
  3. 2.3 Boss: Yuga

2.1Entering the Palace

Exit Hyrule Castle and travel to Kakariko Village. Go inside Sahasrahla’s house and talk to him. Before leaving Kakariko Village, go into the store and buy a Shield. It will help you in the dungeon ahead.

Go to the area that Sahasrahla marked on your map. Go up and you will hit a dead end. There are some images of bows and a couple of signs that were put there by Ravio.

Return to your house and speak to Ravio. Correctly identify the pictures that you just saw and he will let you borrow the Bow. It’s free this time, but if you die you will have to pay to borrow it again.

Go back to the area where you saw Ravio’s signs. Stand on top of the steps and shoot both switches with the Bow to open the gate in front of you. Go through the gate, then go right, down, right and up past all of the Armos to reach the Eastern Palace. Talk to Osfala, save your progress at the Weather Vane (a good idea before entering dungeons) and go inside.

2.2Inside the Eastern Palace

Shoot the switch on the other side of the pit with your Bow to lower the bridge. Enter the next room and shoot the switch on the left to open the other doors. The Treasure Chest contains a Red Rupee. Move on to the next room.

A trap at the other end of the room releases giant balls, making it difficult to reach the next room unharmed. The pattern in which the balls appear is as follows: right side, left side, pause, right side, left side, pause, big ball, pause, repeat. Make a run for it during the pauses.

Take the door in the top left corner and defeat all of the enemies to make a Treasure Chest appear. Enter the next room and look for the slightly raised piece of floor in the top right corner: it is a pressure pad that opens the doors to the other rooms. Go through the door above you to get the Compass.

Jump down and walk underneath the ledge to reach the area in the middle of the next room. Stand on the pressure pad to reveal a Treasure Chest containing a Red Rupee.

Return to the room with the ball trap and go right across the bridge. Go up the alleyway to find the pressure pad that opens the door on the right. Beware the Armos that come alive afterward. Go through the door on the right.

Get on the platform in the center of the room that rises and falls. Shoot the switch on the left when the platform is at its lowest point and shoot the switch on the right when it is at its highest. Each switch will lower a section of floor, enabling you to get the Small Key from the Treasure Chest in the top right corner. There is a time limit before the floor returns to normal, so act quickly. Before leaving the room, walk down when the moving platform is at its lowest point to discover a room filled with Fairies and Rupees.

Return to the room with the ball trap. Open the locked door with the Small Key and go upstairs. All of the doors close as soon as you enter the room. Stand on the button in the center of the room to activate the Armos and defeat all of them to open the doors. The circle of green light that appears afterward is a shortcut between here and the entrance.

There are doors on the left and right. The room on the left utilizes ball traps whereas the room on the right uses traps that shoot arrows out of the walls. Use your Shield to block the arrows if you choose to go right. The door to the next room will open if you stand on the pressure pad on the ledge nearby. Defeat the enemy in the bottom right corner to make a Treasure Chest full of Monster Guts appear.

The left hand room is easier to cross if you destroy the pots with your Bow first. Stand on the pressure pad while the stairs slide out from the wall. When they won’t move any further, run up the stairs. Wait for a pause in the giant ball trap (after every other ball) and head for the stairs at the other end. Step on the pressure pad in the bottom left corner to open the door. The other pressure pad causes the stairs to slide back into the wall, revealing another pressure pad: press this one to reveal a Treasure Chest. Inside are more Monster Guts.

In the room with the Boss Door, stand in the top right corner and shoot an arrow left to activate the rising and falling platform nearby. Stand on platform and shoot an arrow upward to open another door. Enter the room on the right and ride the platform around the room while you shoot arrows at the four switches in the center. Watch out for the arrows being shot at you from the walls. When all of the switches have been activated, a Treasure Chest appears on the far side of the room. Take the Small Key from the Treasure Chest and return to the previous room.

Stand in front of the Boss Door and shoot an arrow left to activate another platform. Ride the platform up and unlock the door to the final room. Defeat all three Stalfos to access the Treasure Chest, which contains the Big Key. Take the lower right door and hit the switch to lower the barrier around the last switch. Return to the room with the Boss Door and stand on the moving platform to shoot an arrow at the switch. A section of floor will rotate, bringing the Boss Door into reach.

2.3Boss: Yuga

Yuga is waiting for you in the Boss’ chamber. Stun him with an arrow when he emerges from the wall, then close in to attack with your sword. If allowed to complete his attacks, Yuga will shoot lightning bolts across the room, create Soldiers to fight you or cause fire to erupt from the walls. He gets faster as he takes more damage, so stay on your toes. At the end of the battle Yuga traps you in a painting.

Follow the prompt onscreen to escape from the painting. Merge into the wall to the right of the crack in the wall and walk toward it to get outside. Keep going until there is ground beneath your feet and it is safe to exit the wall. Drop down and merge into the wall again. Head west until it is safe to exit again. Merge one more time and go east to reach a Treasure Chest with a Silver Rupee inside.

Merge into the wall and head west again. Exit the wall and ride the elevator down to 2F. You cannot get all the way across the next platform before it retracts into the wall. Merge into the wall above the platform and wait until it reappears. Then go right and ride the elevator down to 1F.
Wait for a section of the wall to swing out toward you, then merge into it. When both sections come together again, walk onto the next section and let it carry you to the other side. On the right is a crack in the wall that you can slip through while merged into the wall. Before you enter it, go left to discover a Treasure Chest with a Purple Rupee inside.

The crack in the wall brings you back to the entrance. Before leaving the dungeon, look for another crack in the right hand wall. A Silver Rupee is your reward.

As soon as you leave the Eastern Palace, Sahasrahla appears. A huge commotion can be heard in the distance and the two of you head to Hyrule Castle to find it surrounded by a magic barrier.

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