Chapter 13: Lorule Castle
  1. 13.1 The Final Dungeon
  2. 13.2 Miniboss 1: Moldorm
  3. 13.3 Miniboss 2: Gigabari
  4. 13.4 Miniboss 3: Ball and Chain Soldier
  5. 13.5 Miniboss 4: Arrghus
  6. 13.6 Boss: Yuga Ganon

13.1The Final Dungeon

When you have freed all of the Sages, return to Lorule Castle. Hilda will remove the barrier in front of the door so that you can enter. You will need Bombs and the Hookshot to complete the dungeon.

Walk up the steps and go across to the statue on the right. Grab the statue and push it into the lava. Merge into the wall and go right to find a Treasure Chest which contains a Red Rupee. Go back the way you came and through the door to the next room.

The second room contains a Ball and Chain Soldier, much like the one in Hyrule Castle. The doors will open once you have defeated it. Go upstairs to 2F, then go into the next room.

Take the door on the right to get some Rupees. A Red Rupee is in a Treasure Chest guarded by a Lorulean Soldier and an ice trap. Extinguish the torches to reveal the safe path across the bottomless pit. On the other side is a Treasure Chest holding a Silver Rupee.

The last room on floor 2F contains a Fairy Fountain. In order to reach it, go to 3F. Merge into the wall on the right side of the room, but only at the top of the steps. Walk right and exit the wall when you are above the hole in the ground. Back on 2F, merge into the wall and go right to reach the Fairies. On the way back you can get a Monster Horn from the Treasure Chest on the ledge below.

Go to 3F and hit the switch to create a warp between this room and the entrance. The big door opposite you will only open when you defeat the four Minibosses scattered throughout the dungeon. Before you do that, push the statues off the edge of the platform and jump down to 1F to get a Small Key. Use the warp point to return to 3F.

The four Minibosses are located in small rooms on 3F and 4F. In each case it is preceded by a larger room filled with puzzles, which must be completed to obtain a Small Key and reach the door to the Miniboss. The doors to these rooms are opened by pressure pads on the floor nearby, except for the top right room on 4F, which is opened by pulling the lever using the Hookshot. The signs tell you what items, if any, are needed in the room beyond. You can tackle these rooms in any order you like; just make sure that you get all of the Small Keys.

13.2Miniboss 1: Moldorm

The top left room on 3F requires Bombs. Walk up to the first switch and hit it to lower the blue blocks and raise the red ones. Place a Bomb next to the first switch then go left to the other side of the blue blocks. Throw a Bomb over the blue blocks toward the switch and go down past the red blocks before they rise up. Place a Bomb by the second switch and stand on the blue blocks nearby so that they lift you up. Throw a Bomb at the second switch and go down and right to the red blocks as quickly as you can. Take the Red Rupee from the Treasure Chest. Use the same strategy to reach the ledge on the left.

Merge into the wall and move to the next ledge along. There are two more switches nearby. Throw a Bomb at the one on the right and go down and right. Pick a Big Bomb Flower then go left and up. Throw a regular Bomb to lower the blocks on the right, then throw another and go right before the blocks rise up again. The Bomb Fruit is volatile, so protect it from the enemies and traps. It will also explode if it drops off a ledge, so don’t let it get caught on top of the blocks. Go up and right to find a large boulder. Detonate the Bomb Fruit and take the Small Key from the Treasure Chest.

The locked door leads to a small chamber where a big Moldorm is waiting. The walls close in to reduce the size of the arena during the fight. Merging into a wall will keep you safe until it goes back to normal. If you stand on the ledge by the door and use ranged weapons the fight is easy. Once the Moldorm is dead, take the warp tile back to the central room.

13.3Miniboss 2: Gigabari

The top right room on 3F can be completed without any items. Walk up as far as possible and platforms will rise from the lava. Go right until the platforms run out, then go up. Find the statue that is blocking a spiky ball and pull it to the left. The ball will roll away and more of them will emerge from the hole in the wall. Wait for a ball to emerge, then run down. Don’t get too far ahead of the ball or it will drop into the lava. When another ball blocks your path, dodge to the left so that the rolling ball knocks it out of the way. Go down and merge into the high platform on the right. More platforms will appear as you get closer, allowing you to walk over to the door..

Enter the room below. You will be locked inside and the floor tiles will rise up and hurl themselves at you. Use the blocks that emerge from the lava as a shield against half of the tiles while blocking the rest with your shield. When it is over, take the exit.

Walk up and right past the spiky ball. Follow the path alongside the wall until you reach the end. Spiky balls are falling from another hole in the wall. When you get close enough, a platform will appear beneath the hole. You can keep the ball rolling as long as you stay close enough to reveal the platforms, but if you try to go around the obstacles the platforms will disappear. Instead you should merge into the obstacles and go around the side closest to the lava. The rolling ball will knock the other ball out of your way so that you can head up the path to get the Small Key. Go over to the locked door and open it.

The next Miniboss is a Gigabari. You will have to contend with moving platforms and pools of lava, but apart from that it is the same as the one in the Swamp Palace. Like before, it will split into many Biris upon death. Once you have disposed of all the Biris, return to the central room.

13.4Miniboss 3: Ball and Chain Soldier

Open the Treasure Chest on 4F to get the Compass. Extinguish the torches to reveal two narrow paths across the pit. It is hard to see in the dark, but there is a Treasure Chest on the other side. Inside is the precious Red Mail, which greatly reduces the damage you take from enemies.

The top left room on 4F uses the Lamp for its puzzles. Walk up the steps to the torch and extinguish it. This reveals the path through the room but causes gates to move across it. Memorize where the path is and relight the torch to open the gate. Keep walking until you reach the next torch. Repeat this with the second section of the path. Extinguish the third torch to get a better look at the path ahead. When you’ve got it memorized, relight the torch and go left to the Treasure Chest. Grab the Small Key and head over to the locked door. You can step on the warp tile to open a shortcut across the room.

The Miniboss in the next room is another Ball and Chain Soldier. This fire emanating from his weapon makes it difficult to see the terrain properly. Try attacking from a distance, as you don’t have much room to maneuver in close quarters. Defeat the soldier and leave the room.

13.5Miniboss 4: Arrghus

The top right room on 4F uses the Hookshot extensively and cannot be accessed without it. Wallmasters patrol the room, so stay alert and make use of the overhead cover when necessary. The Hookshot will latch onto the brown-colored walls, allowing you to cross the lava on your right. The Ice Rod opens up different possibilities, if you have it. Get on the moving platform and ride it across the lava. Open the Treasure Chest to get a Purple Rupee. When it is safe, use the Hookshot to pull the lever nearby. This activates another platform, which leads forward and also serves as a shortcut to the entrance.

Get on the raft nearby and use the Hookshot to pull yourself along. Avoid the Wallmaster but don’t kill it, because you need it to hit the button above your head that opens the gate. Keep going until you reach the end of the lava. Smash the skulls to reveal three buttons and push the statue onto one of them. Stand on another button and wait for the Wallmaster to start hovering above you. Dodge it at the last moment and quickly step on the third button before the Wallmaster gets up. If all three are pressed simultaneously the gate will open. Stand underneath the platform with the eyeball on it and provoke the Wallmaster into smashing the platform. Bring the eyeball back to the eye socket using the raft.

Merge into the wall on the left and cross the lava. Let the Wallmaster smash the tile so that you can reach the second eyeball. Leave it on the ground and return to the other side of the lava. Retrieve the eyeball using the Hookshot and place it in the remaining eye socket to reveal a Treasure Chest. Take the Small Key that is inside and unlock the door.

The last Miniboss is an Arrghus, much like the one in the Swamp Palace. The strategy is identical to the last time. Step on the warp tile once you are done.

When you have defeated all four Minibosses, return to 3F to open the big door. If you want to equip yourself for the final battle, now is the time to do so.

13.6Boss: Yuga Ganon

Beyond the big door is a familiar room: Hilda’s study. Ignore the Fissure in the wall and go outside. Enter the chamber where Ganon was resurrected and approach Princess Hilda to begin the final battle.

Yuga Ganon only drops his guard when he uses his spear: all other attacks will be blocked. Occasionally he will charge up power for a stronger lunging attack. After taking enough damage he will start to teleport around the room. From time to time he will vanish and call down a barrage of dark magic. He can also throw his spear like a boomerang, which helpfully signposts where he will reappear. Toward the end of this phase he may use two attacks when he swings his weapon. Be prepared for a long battle, even with the fully upgraded Master Sword.

Yuga Ganon comes back even stronger and changes his tactics. Keep knocking the ball of energy back at him with the Master Sword (or Bug Net) until he becomes a painting. Zelda will give you the Bow of Light to hunt him down with. Jump into the wall after Yuga Ganon and shoot a Light Arrow at him. As he tries to hold back the Light Arrow, exit the wall and jump back in behind him. Shoot a Light Arrow into his back to throw him out of the wall. Jump out and attack him until he recovers.

After taking damage, Yuga Ganon will cause fire and bat shaped projectiles to erupt from the walls. Keep to the center of the room and wait for him to throw another energy ball. He will become a painting again, but this time he will charge headlong toward you, knocking you out of the wall and deflecting your Light Arrows. Wait for him to try this, then exit the wall and jump in behind him for a quick shot at his back. Attack him again while he is vulnerable.

This time Yuga Ganon will try throwing two balls of energy at you in quick succession. Fortunately they move a little slower than before. Keep hitting both of them until they stun him. Follow him into the wall again. This time he keeps his distance, parrying any Light Arrows that you shoot at him. Make sure that he is facing you and shoot a Light Arrow in the opposite direction to strike him from behind.

A few more hits and Yuga Ganon is defeated. With him gone you can free Zelda from her painting. This will trigger the final cutscenes, in which the last secrets about Lorule are revealed.

Congratulations! You have completed A Link Between Worlds. By completing the game you have unlocked Hero Mode for your next playthrough.

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