Chapter 12: Turtle Rock
  1. 12.1 Reaching the Entrance
  2. 12.2 Getting the Compass
  3. 12.3 Kodongo Dislikes Sword
  4. 12.4 Getting the Big Key and Hylian Shield
  5. 12.5 Boss: Grinexx

12.1Reaching the Entrance

You need the Ice Rod to complete Turtle Rock, but Bombs are also recommended. Start from the shop by Lake Hylia. Walk down and merge into the wall, then go around to the opposite side of the cliff and through the Fissure. Alternatively, go to the northeast corner of Lake Hylia and go through the Fissure there. Either way will take you to the correct area of Lorule.

By the southwest shore of the lake is a turtle stuck on its back. Stand next to it to throw it back into the water. Swim to the right and you will find Mama Turtle. She has three baby turtles in total scattered across the lake.

Swim up along the western edge of the lake to find the next baby turtle. Swim over to the shallow water where the turtle is stranded and defeat all of the monsters to free it.

Swim north to reach some steps. Climb out of the water and merge into the wall in front of you. Walk right until you find a third baby turtle stuck to the wall. Walk behind the baby turtle and jump out to unstick it from the wall.

Mama Turtle and her babies can now give you a ride over the lake. Climb up the turtles’ backs and hop across to the dungeon as you pass by. Wait until lava erupts from the pool then cool it with the Ice Rod to create a pillar of rock. Merge into the pillar and jump out on the other side to reach the entrance.

12.2Getting the Compass

Freeze the lava in the first room to reach the other side. The platforms you create in the lava are only temporary, so don’t hang around. This brings you to a large room that provides access to all the other rooms on this floor. There are two Small Keys on this floor, plus the Compass and plenty of treasure.

The first thing that you will notice is a seesaw made of rock. Dropping ice on the middle of the seesaw freezes it in its current position for a short time. You can also drop ice on one end of the seesaw to lower it when you are standing somewhere else.

To get the Compass, freeze the first seesaw so that you can reach the platform on the right. Go along the walkway until you see a pillar of lava on the left side. Freeze the lava to make a bridge to the center. Use the Ice Rod to hit all four switches on the corners of the platform and make the Compass appear.

12.3Kodongo Dislikes Sword

To get the first Small Key, enter the room in the bottom left corner. You must press the button above the door to open it first: go up to the walkways above the lava and merge into either wall to reach it. Freeze the seesaw in the bottom left room to reach the ledge above the door, then drop down to the ledge below. Step on the warp tile to access the top left room. Grab the Small Key and take the door to return to the main chamber.

To get the second Small Key, go up to the walkway above the lava and merge with the wall on the right. Walk up to the top right corner and exit the wall to get the Small Key.

A Treasure Chest containing a Silver Rupee will appear in the main chamber if you defeat all of the Flamolas. There is a Purple Rupee in the bottom right room, which will appear when you defeat all of the Kodongos. To reach it you have to go through the upper door and step on the warp tile. Then take the warp tile on the ledge below to reach the Treasure Chest. You may find it easier to defeat the Kodongos while on this ledge.

The button near the top left corner opens the upper door at the back of the room. It goes to the same room as the door below it, but lets you grab a Purple Rupee too. To reach the button, get on the seesaw nearby and freeze it. Then go left from where the second Small Key is to reach the upper door.

Once you have both Small Keys, enter the room at the back. Wizzrobes will appear when you get near the exit. Defeat them using the Ice Rod to unlock the doors and go downstairs to B1. Go straight through the next room to reach another big room.

Defeating each Wizzrobe in this room causes a platform to appear in the lava. Defeating the three Wizzrobes near the entrance and the one on the left ultimately reveals a Treasure Chest. Inside is the Hylian Shield, which offers better protection against attacks. You can’t kill the Wizzrobe in the top left until later though.

To activate the warp back to the entrance, enter the top left room. Several Fire Gimos must be defeated before you can use the warp; the Ice Rod is effective against these foes.

There is one Small Key on B1. Enter the room in the top right corner and freeze the lava to get across. The Small Key is at the back of the room, behind the Beamos. You can freeze the Beamos as well to stop it from attacking you.

Use the seesaws and platforms on the left side of the big room to cross the lava. Unlock the door in the bottom left corner and go inside. Dodge the fireballs from the Medusa traps and cross the lava using the Ice Rod. Smash the skulls at the back of the room to reveal a button. Stand on the button to make a bridge appear in the previous room.

Cross over to the bottom right corner and unlock the door. Freeze the lava (and the traps) to get across safely and smash the skulls at the back of the room to reveal another button. Press the button to reveal a bridge along the front wall, by the door. This leads to the Boss Door, but first you need the Big Key.

12.4Getting the Big Key and Hylian Shield

Stand on the yellow square next to the lava and hit the switch to raise a bridge that was hidden by the lava. Stand on the bridge and cast the Ice Rod at the Wizzrobe on the walkway above you to reveal a platform. The bridge will only stay raised for a limited time, so you may need to retreat and try again. Freeze the pillar of lava to reach the platform and defeat another Wizzrobe to reveal a platform with a Treasure Chest on it. Merge into the wall and walk up to the top right corner. Stand behind the yellow grate and emerge from the wall to create a bridge and get a Silver Rupee from the Treasure Chest.

Go to the top left corner and defeat the final Wizzrobe to reveal the Hylian Shield. Merge into the wall and go right to the ledge on the back wall. Enter the room behind you to get a Purple Rupee, then go back to the main room. Drop a Bomb off the ledge to activate the switch below and lift the platform up. Knock down the yellow bridge to reach the Hylian Shield. Open the locked door and take the Big Key from the Treasure Chest.

Head back to the room at the bottom that contains the Boss Door. Create some platforms in the lava until you are close enough to the switch to drop some ice on it. Get on one of the platforms, then merge into the wall when you are high enough to reach the ledge above. Open the Boss Door and go through it.

Go past the rolling spike traps and smash the skulls to reveal a button. Press it to make more Wizzrobes appear. Defeat the Wizzrobes to reveal the entrance to the Boss’ chamber.

12.5Boss: Grinexx

Drop some ice on top of Grinexx when it passes underneath a hole in the floor. After two hits it will erupt in flame and chase you around the room. Keep your distance until Grinexx calms down, then attack it again. Repeat the process until the beast emerges from its shell.

Strike Grinexx’s head to inflict damage. Most weapons will work, but beware counterattacks as Grinexx’s neck has a long reach. When Grinexx starts to spin around the room, keep out of the way. Freezing the pillars of lava can protect you from attacks, but the pillars will shatter when Grinexx hits them. Keep this up until you achieve victory. All that’s left to do is take the Heart Container and free Impa.

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