Chapter 11: Ice Ruins
  1. 11.1 Reaching the Ice Ruins
  2. 11.2 Getting the Compass
  3. 11.3 To the Stamina Scroll
  4. 11.4 Finishing the Dungeon
  5. 11.5 Boss: Dharkstare

11.1Reaching the Ice Ruins

You will need the Hookshot to reach the Ice Ruins. The Fire Rod is necessary to complete the Ice Ruins, but it can be useful on the way there as well. Once you have the items that you need, travel to the Weather Vane outside the Tower of Hera and go right. Use the Hookshot to get across the broken bridge and enter the cave on the right to reach Rosso’s Ore Mine. Take the door on the left to reach the interior of the mine.

Stand on the platform in front of you and it will start to move. When another platform comes within range, drop down onto it. When you reach an area that is patrolled by Lynels, merge with the wall on the right. Move around to the opposite side of the wall and jump onto the moving platform when it arrives. Wait until your platform stops moving right, then jump to the second platform. Do the same again to reach the third platform; the best time to jump is when it starts to move forward. Ignore the fourth platform, because the timing is difficult to get right. Look further down and you will eventually see a fifth platform on the left. This is a better option, despite how far down it appears to be. Ride a couple more platforms and take the exit.

Once you leave the mine, go left until you reach a Fissure, then cross over to Lorule. Activate the Weathervane to ensure that you can come back here whenever you want. Head right and you will find a cave in the same location as Rosso’s Ore Mine. Go inside.

11.2Getting the Compass

Step onto the blue platform and it will start moving. Wait for the next platform to come close and get on it. You have to merge into the side of the third platform, as opposed to standing on the top. Wait until the fourth platform gets close enough to emerge. Watch out for the spike trap floating in the air. Get off the platform when you reach solid ground.

Merge into the wall and go around to the other side. Do this twice. Watch out for the Big Ice Gimos. Instead of bouncing toward you like you would expect, it jumps high into the air and tries to flatten you. Run straight underneath it, then turn around and use the Fire Rod to melt it. When facing enemies, remember that the icy ground makes you slide around.

Face the top of the area and wait for a platform to appear. You will encounter more spike traps as you ascend through the cave. Be patient and run past the traps when the timing is right. Eventually you will emerge at the top of the mountain. Go right to reach the entrance to the Ice Ruins. Use the Fire Rod to melt the ice sculpture blocking the doorway and go inside.

First, use the Fire Rod to melt the block of ice in front of you. Then walk up to the odd statue and pull its tongue to activate an elevator made of moving blocks. Get on one of the moving blocks and walk toward the entrance just as you start to descend to find a secret compartment. There is a Treasure Chest here which contains a rare Gold Rupee.

Ride the elevator down to the lowest floor, B5. Inside the Treasure Chest is the Big Key for the Ice Ruins. Take the elevator back up to B2. The Ice Bubble in this room can be defeated with the help of the Fire Rod. Use the Fire Rod again, this time to reach the Small Key. Go up to B1 and open the locked door using the Small Key.

Pull the tongue of the left statue to open the door. This also makes a Freezor jump out at you. The Fire Rod will make short work of this enemy. The other statue just causes some weak monsters to appear. Defeat the Pengators and light the four torches to make a Small Key appear. You can’t reach it from here, so continue to the next room.

Get the Compass from the Treasure Chest on your right, but watch out for the Medusa traps – they’ll freeze you instantly.

11.3To the Stamina Scroll

Go across the narrow walkway and up alongside the wall. Knock off the Red Hardhat Beetle without falling into the abyss too. When you come to a dead end, merge into the wall and walk left to reach the Small Key. Open the locked door nearby. Before you go inside you can get a Red Rupee by merging into the wall and exploring the area on the left.

Merge into the wall to reach the statue in the top left corner and pull its tongue to reveal a hole in the floor. The Treasure Chest on the opposite ledge holds a Blue Rupee. The door on the left leads to a dead end, although there is a Red Rupee out there. Jump into the new hole in the floor to B3 and go through the door on the right.

There is a Fairy Fountain on the other side of the wall. To reach it you must walk up the steps, merge into the wall and then walk to the right. Melt the ice to reveal a button on the floor. Press the button to open the doors on the left side of the room. The lower left door is a shortcut back to the main elevator, should you need it. Take the door on the upper left and jump into the hole in the floor to B4.

The flying enemies down here are called Keeleons and they spit Bombs, which you can pick up and throw. If you don’t have Bombs in your inventory you can use the Keeleon’s Bombs to activate the four switches on the nearby platform. This reveals a Treasure Chest containing a Silver Rupee. Ride the platform to the left and go to the next area.

Get on one of the icy platforms and ride it around the area. Watch out for the bat-like monsters. Light the torch in the center to activate an elevator. The Fire Rod can melt the platform that you are standing on, causing it to shrink in size, so be careful. Disembark on the far side and go right to get some Monster Guts. Head back to the new elevator and ride it to B3.

Ignore the door on your right and go down. You can drop down from here to get the Purple Rupee from the Treasure Chest below if you want to. Use the moving blocks to get across the gap, then enter the building. Use the Fire Rod to melt the blocks of ice and go back outside. Go left to get back to the elevator, then take the door on the right. Merge into the wall to get to the other side of the hole, then hit the switch to activate an elevator. Ride the elevator to the ledge above.

Avoid the Medusa traps and defeat the Red Eyegores. To open a shortcut to the main elevator, jump off the ledge next to the second Medusa trap and light the torch. To progress further into the dungeon, smash the skulls on the left side of the area and press the button. Go through the door on the right and pull the statue’s tongue. A section of floor will move, allowing you to reach the Treasure Chest in the room below. Inside it is the Stamina Scroll, which doubles the capacity of your Energy Gauge.

11.4Finishing the Dungeon

Ride the elevator up again and merge into the wall on your right. With the Stamina Scroll you can you can stay merged until you reach the back of the ruins. Go inside to get a Silver Rupee from the Treasure Chest.

Return to B2 and the locked door near the Fairy Fountain. Take the same door on the left that you took before. The section of floor that disappeared from another room has plugged the hole in this room, allowing you to reach the statue and pull its tongue. This reveals a hole into a different part of B3. Drop down and defeat the Ice Bubble before you do anything else. As you approach either of the doors, a section of wall slides away to reveal a Big Pengator (and some small ones). Defeat them all to open the doors and create a warp point back to the entrance.

The door on the left leads to another statue. Pulling its tongue moves a section of floor to plug a hole in the room on the right wing. Doing so means first crossing the ice bridge, which will collapse if you stand on the same tile for too long. The Red Hardhat Beetles make this even more difficult for you. Experiment with your items, e.g. Bombs, to clear away the enemies. Take the door on the right to move on.

Beware the second and fourth Freezors from the entrance: they will attack when you get close. The others will stay motionless for now. Light the torch above your head by standing back and shooting the Fire Rod at it. This will open the door to the next area. Defeat the Ice Wizzrobes and press the button to open a door next to the main elevator.

Use the warp point to get back to the entrance and ride the elevator down to B3. The Treasure Chests contain a Green Rupee and a Monster Horn, but opening either of them will cause Ice Wizzrobes to appear. Go through the newly opened door and drop down to B4. Open the Treasure Chest to get the last Small Key. Go left and press the button to extend a bridge over to the main elevator.

Ride the elevator up to B2 and open the locked door. Jump into the hole to reach the high ledge with a block of ice on it. Melt the ice to let in a fierce gale. Jump into the wind to be carried over to the statue in the next area. Pull the statue’s tongue to open a hole in the previous room and create a platform underneath it. Head over to the hole – another Freezor will ambush you on the way – and jump down to B4. You are now approaching the end of the ruins.

Go right and cross the first ice bridge. Watch out for the slippery floor and the enemies. Use the Fire Rod to light the torch near the second ice bridge, which will extend a walkway across the next gap. Cross the walkway and pull the statue’s tongue to move a section of floor into the center. Go up and stand on the button to connect all of the platforms with walkways. To return to the main elevator, go down and left. Otherwise, open the Boss Door. Be sure to smash the skulls for supplies before you jump into the hole and face Dharkstare.

11.5Boss: Dharkstare

Dharkstare can shoot blasts of ice, or freeze everything within a large area. With the latter attack, you can see the danger zone briefly and have a few seconds to get clear. Use the Fire Rod repeatedly to melt the ice around Dharkstare. When the ice is completely melted, Dharkstare is vulnerable to your sword. The Fire Rod is effective too. Once it has taken enough damage, Dharkstare will start to move faster and unleash more attacks, but the strategy remains the same. Once you have destroyed Dharkstare, free Rosso from his painting.

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