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  1. John May those who accept their fate be granted happiness...

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  2. Oracle of Truth Cautiously Optimistic

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  3. sodak Deku Scrub

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  4. Ruki Loveable rogue

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  5. Fornues heheh

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  6. The Baton of the Wind Master Shortpants

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  7. Zeldaisthebest! Sage of Wisdom

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  8. Oni Link 303 A Fierce Theorist

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  9. JP the Neurotic Typo Overlord

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  10. Orion .........What?

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  11. Ana Clare so much for the tolerant left.

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  12. $B-rod$ Sword Spirit

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  13. XpRienzo Deku Scrub

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  14. Hylian Knight Cazz Anouki

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  15. Tuf Pic Shigeru x Satoshi... PokeYaoi!!

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  16. Keith #faroreguerrilla

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