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  1. Romano-British Medli Deku Scrub

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  2. blackbird black moon, black sky

    Reading thread Ravine and Arty -

  3. linkthezora [originally Link the Zora]

    Reading thread [Breath of the Wild] Nitpicks and Flaws Thread -

  4. HollowmanOfEoL One is one more than zero

    Reading thread WW and ALBTW are the most overratied zelda games? -

  5. goforghirahim Deku Scrub

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  6. insaney 'Cause we're gonna shout out loud.

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  7. Hazel That's too much, man!

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  8. kodachrome Octo-cool.

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  9. Thornquist Anouki

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  10. XpRienzo Deku Scrub

    Reading thread Breath of the Wild's Timeline Placement Theories (SPOILERS) -

  11. Yamikawa The Shadow Schemer

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  12. Son_michael Goron

    Reading thread Breath of the Wild's Timeline Placement Theories (SPOILERS) -

  13. Pikastroff Furiously playing Breath of the Wild 24/7!

    Reading thread The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild |Offical Thread| It's dangerous to go alone! Take this...In HD -

  14. Thal1989 Nayru Clan

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  15. khionu Deku Scrub

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  16. Nitro Indigo Anouki

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  17. Link Lab Hylian Researcher

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  18. Blue Moblin Deku Scrub

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  19. Therad Anouki

    Reading thread Calamity Ganon -

  20. Kaylin Hyrulian Heroine

    Unknown location -

  21. Instrutilus Deku Scrub

    Reading thread Timeline and other interesting tidbits in Hyrule Encyclopedia -

  22. Duhemsounds Din Clan

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  23. Nihilem Kokiri

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  24. Vynrah poor court etiquette

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