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  • good man

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  • yeah it's a good discussion haha. Sorry that I sounded a bit salty, I always do when I post on ZU at 3am lol

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  • 0387-9301-6946

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  • honestly, coming from somebody who has been completely anti-new-pokemon, the new games XY are fantastic. they do a great job of servicing old fans that have stuck with the series for years, whilst making it new, fresh, and ironing out a lot of the things that made the series....tedious. it's pretty much designed to make competitive play much more viable on your cartridge, without hacking. i love it.

    yeah same here, pretty much. i'll drink anything, but my preferences are pretty high-end. if i had it my way, i'm always drinking local microbrews (IPA's in particular). Michigan is a great state for beer. You should recommend me some local brews from your area, i'll try to check them out.

    food places, i'm very qualified to serve food so i get jobs the easiest in restaurants.

    Posted by forte

  • oh yeah, it's shocking. and the differences between each passing generation is slight, but also massive. by the current gen, it's crazy how it's......

    haha, i'm kind of a beer snob, do you just slam brews or have you acquired the taste for craft? craft beer changed my life pretty much. and i don't blame you, biking is awesome. unfortunately i live in one of the major motor cities of the U.S, our infrastructure is not kind to bikers.

    well, after i dropped out of college (monetary issues), i was living with some friends in a house, but after the lease ended i called it and left. so now, unfortunately, i'm back at the mom's. once i find a job though, i'ma work towards moving out and living independently again, those were good times.

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  • well, it was easier at college too, cause on campus nobody needs a car

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  • sounds about as good as it gets. let's see here, music, looking for a job, pokemon, drugs, beer, pokemon, drugs, pokemon.

    pokemon has been taking up my female nonsense slot these days. plus i lack a car, and now that i'm 20, that means no lady is down anymore. high school was a much easier time in that regard.

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  • hey dude. how you been living?

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  • I just requested one here [url][/url]

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  • [url=]Video: How Would You React?: Telekinetic Coffee Shop Prank![/url]

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  • It was the one I played the most. I didn't have much play time with the others. Vice City and San Andreas felt samey. 3 was definitely something fresh and mind-blowing.

    Posted by Bill

  • The discussion was leaning away from Rayman into how "NSMB" hasn't evolved at all, the thread is for the discussion of Rayman Legends. These discussions tends to turn into a debate on NSMB, which I've seen happen a few times and to prevent it I took to add this comment.
    If you're having an issue with my comment, you're welcome to contact another moderator and/or staffmember to notify them of this.

    Posted by fohlin™

  • Happy Birthday!

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  • i sure hope so~

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  • brokenjoker!

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  • Well, if I hadn't said it before, I'm only so lucid on the game because I didn't always hate it. I've considered b/vlogging about it but, eh...

    Posted by BloodRawKnuckle

  • Thanks. That means a lot to me and I'm happy you found inspiration!

    Posted by Bill

  • Haha im glad you enjoy it as I do

    Posted by Potion

  • Whoa, looking back on our conversation back from '09 I feel like that wasn't even me typing all that shit to you. Sorry for being such a dick before... from 4 years ago... haha.

    Posted by Spidey

  • Heh, I'll be completely honest here. I don't take credit for this signature. I came across it on photobucket and spruced it up a bit. It is pretty cool though ay?

    Posted by Spidey

  • And this is why I believe close-in-age laws to be the best compromise we could get without invading people's privacy.

    Oh, and 17 is fully legal (except for in porn) in somewhere near half the world, I think. The age of consent laws around the world generally vary from 16-18, with the younger being more common. You can thank Hollywood - and therefore California - for everybody thinking it's 18 everywhere.

    Posted by Sabbo

  • I figured. It probably helps that I had only a few days ago looked up Delaware's age of consent laws, and figured out exactly what ages a person is allowed to have sex, and with who they can do it.

    Posted by Sabbo

  • you said truf.

    i lol'd. cause truf sounds silly.

    i ordered too big of a pizza and cant eat it all. bring weed and come help eat it

    Posted by Jonah

  • i aint got much of a choice! hahaha

    Posted by Jonah

  • my life is more like up...up...DOWN...down....DOWNWNNNWNWNW hhahahaha...u... NOPE. not going back up. maybe later

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  • oh i do that sometimes. lol

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  • oops forgot to reply.

    not much. new laptop that can actually run shit so im going crazy with playing things. :D

    how've ya been

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  • sup bro?

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  • heh, it's the big keyboard thing with the blue lights !

    never mind xD

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  • Hey dude, saw a picture in the scrap book thread of you practicing music with a few others, I noticed you had an mpk49 on display. Is it yours?

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